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      March 15,2021
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    Workshop support technician SpaceLabs

    Expires: ASAP

    Job Overview

    For our in-house engineering department, ATG SpaceLabs, we are looking for workshop support technicians for a temporary assignment. You can read more about the department you are going to be working for here.
    The bulk of this support work will deal with manufacturing of tooling needed for our ongoing projects. We expect to keep you busy for an average of 4 hours per day (with some peaks and valleys), 5 days per week (less is a potential option we could discuss). The bulk of the work phase will last for 1.5 to 2 months (so until some time in May). We offer a 0-hour contract (meaning that there is no fixed number of hours, but it can fluctuate) for a period of 6 months as a start. The wage is €15/hour.

    This support is needed per direct. As a workshop support technician on this assignment you will be working on the following tasks:

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    Tasks & Responsibilities

    • Weighing and mixing of safe and non-reactive chemical components;
    • Pouring of the mixture into moulds;
    • Assembling and positioning the moulds for mixture solidification;
    • Disassembling and removing the material from the mould upon solidification;
    • Cleaning the moulds in preparation for the next cycle;
    • Performing measurements and documenting the results;
    • Cleaning the end products following a cutting operation (cutting performed by an external partner);
    • Packaging, sealing and preparing the products for shipment;
    • Additional tasks of a similar nature can be expected, but to a lesser extent.


    We do not need someone with prior industrial experience. A set of good hands with a thinking brain coupled with high conscientiousness is sufficient to do a good job here. Our ideal candidate has good workmanship skills, preferably some DIY experience, is diligent, thorough, and well organised, is a quality-oriented person and can be entrusted with responsibility. At least a rudimentary sense of humour is appreciated, though. Documenting your work according to the prescribed procedure and putting non-conformities under the spotlight is essential in this work.
    You must be eligible to work in The Netherlands.
    You must be proficient in English.

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