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    Stage Productontwikkelaar Food

    Want to have beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner without getting drunk?

    Join us as Food Innovation intern

    Who we are

    We are MaGie Creations. We want to live in a world where food waste is not seen as the end, but as a new beginning. We are therefore on a mission to create sustainable and healthy food ingredients from food waste. And although we are just starting, we are already recognized for being on the right track: last year, we became a Top 10 finalist in Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Awards, reached the 3rd place in the World Food Center Best Place in Food contest and recently, we've been shortlisted for the Circular Award Business 2021.

    What do we do

    We produce PowerFlour; a flour made of rescued brewers’ spent grains which are the grains that are leftover when the breweries have finished brewing their beer. Normally this beer grain (which forms 85% of the total waste of breweries!) ends up in cattle feed or, even worse, landfill. Which means valuable nutrients in these grains are now wasted!

    We think this should be different. And it can be different! We believe in a food production system that is more circular and sustainable. With PowerFlour we prove this is possible. When we have collected the beer grain from the brewery, we stabilize and mill it into our PowerFlour which we then sell to industrial bakeries, but also use to create our own PowerFlour based food products like the BrewBar.

    We are proud to say that with every ton of PowerFlour produced, we free up farmland, save up CO2-eq, reduce water usage and of course reduce food waste. Our current goal is to upgrade 10 kilotons of beer grain within 2 years as of now by setting up our own demonstration plant.

    What you will be doing

    You will support in the development journey; we need to widen our portfolio of PowerFlour based products! Even though our product is more sustainable and even healthier than conventional wheat and barley flour, it behaves quite different when used in the production of bread, cereal bars, and other products. This means recipes for conventional products need to be redesigned when PowerFlour is used. Therefore, a wide range of new PowerFlour based products will be created, which is what you will be contributing to!

    This means you will be working on:

    • Designing and testing PowerFlour-based products to be produced at scale, e.g. fresh bread, cereal bars and pasta
    • Staying in close contact with industrial producers of the products you designed, to understand their findings and concerns with PowerFlour
    • Looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio of products in which PowerFlour is used

    What you need to bring

    We truly value a positive mindset and can-do attitude, so those are the essentials. In addition, we would love to see that you bring:

    • a MSc or final year BSc student food technology (HBO of WO voedingsmiddelentechnologie). This means you know the ins and outs of food product design - from lab scale to industrial production. And if you have a passion for ingredient functionality, it will be a great plus!
    • Fluency in Dutch and English is required to ensure you can work effectively with our diverse team

    Anything else?

    We are a small and close team, so it is important you feel comfortable in the MaGie Creations family. To make it a success for both sides, we therefore expect that you:

    • Self-starter. Better try and fail than sitting back and waiting till someone gives you the answer.
    • Proactive and resourceful. Just like we need insights from our customers to be better at what we do, we also want you to bring in your ideas.
    • Innovative. Nothing is set in stone (yet), so use this playground to come up with new ideas.

    Hours & €€

    We are very flexible when you work with us; you are a student after all! But to make an impact, we will need you to be available at least 24 hours a week (and every hour more is an advantage).

    In terms of compensation: we are a start-up, so we can’t offer a substantial financial compensation just yet. However, we have already established a strong network within the food chain such as supermarkets, industrial bakeries, ingredient suppliers and breweries. So when you start in this role, you will get introduced to industry professionals that might even help you land your dream job in the food industry in the future. And at the same time, you will be gathering valuable working experience with a lot of responsibility.

    Who you will be working with

    We are an energized team: a combination of WUR students and experienced professionals. We are based in the World Food Center (Roots) in Ede where we work closely together to make our mission come true. Keen to learn more about us? Check out our website!

    Inspired? Connect with us!

    You can share your LinkedIn profile (or regular CV, whatever you prefer) so we can schedule a (virtual) coffee chat. Hope to meet you soon!

    For more info on what we do, check us out on LinkedIn or on our website.

    Contractduur 6 maanden

    Parttime uren: 24 per week

    Deadline sollicitaties: 15-1-2021

    Verwachte startdatum: 1-2-2021

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship

    Work Remotely:

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