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      September 29,2020
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    SLM Solution Specialist

    Why SoftwareONE?:
    At SoftwareONE, we inspire each other every day to go above and beyond in performing our roles. Hear more from Michel Van Teijlingen, General Manager, on what makes SoftwareONE Netherlands a great place to work. Ready to join his team? #SWOCareers #teamSoftwareONE
    The role:
    Role & Function:

    • Solution Sales Specialists provide support during the generation of sales leads, e.g., as a technical evangelist for marketing activities, including speaking/presenter engagements at conferences, conventions, user groups, webinars, etc.
    • Usually, they take responsibility for business opportunities that have already been qualified by Customer Business Development Managers. Together, they work to identify the customer's actual goals and needs as well as decision structures, preferences regarding time and budget, as well as the competitive situation.
    • Through this and thanks to their excellent subject matter expertise, (Senior) Solution Sales Specialists design an ideal solution for the customer based on the existing service portfolio. This also includes the initial estimate and structure of prices that they present to customers in an initial proposal. If this proposal is accepted, they will make an appropriate statement of work.
    • Solution Sales Specialists remain responsible until the business opportunity is contracted and bring their knowledge to every activity. They then ensure a smooth handover to the service delivery teams. They will also continue to support afterward if necessary, e.g., as part of change management.

    General Requirements:
    • Support with the generation of leads
      • Has already created the first content like blog-articles (that can be used externally)
      • Conducts webinars from time to time
      • Speaks from time to time in front of groups >10 persons and presents
      • Is used to taking part in account planning workshops, contributes knowledge about the customers, the market, and specific demands
    • Solutions Development
      • Knows how to ask the right questions in a conversation to document the requirements, translates requirements into business outcome
      • Can lead workshops alone
      • Can combine various standardized service modules into a meaningful overall solution
      • Can describe the business impact of a project or managed service; Understands the priority of it for the customer
    • Calculation of business cases
      • Divide a solution into assessable individual parts and let experts assess the best case, worst case, and most realistic case
      • Can perform, prepare, and present a complete TCO analysis; considers business partnerships and funding as well
      • Negotiates successfully based on the specifications to achieve the highest possible amount
      • Knows how to use the definition of milestones early in the sales process
      • Creates presentations that are perfectly tailored to an appointment and therefore convincing
    • Management & Leadership
      • Can explain well and transfer his knowledge to others
      • Is familiar with the most important economic terms and procedures · Has good ideas for improving structures, processes, and results
      • Has a very collaborative attitude
      • Sets, if necessary, the right priorities and distinguishes into necessary and convenient tasks
    What we need to see from you:
    Sujbect Matter Expertise - SLM:

    • Has advanced know-how of IT Asset Management and the licensing of at least ONE of the tier 1 publishers (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and VMware) plus the essential licensing knowledge about all other tier-1 publishers and some tier-2 publishers as well
    • Is playing an active role in client engagement, including gathering and analyzing information, formulating, and testing hypotheses, and developing and communicating recommendations
    • Conducts workshops around the value of Optimized Supply Chains and the benefits of the Speed, Cost and Transparency commits of Digital Supply Chain (DSC)
    • Collects customer requirements for an SLM solution and takes over the first qualification of the opportunity, scopes the SAM Tool Technology against our SLM core services; has proven advanced knowledge for at least ONE of the SAM Tool Technologies of Snow, Flexera, ServiceNow
    • Can explain in detail which data sets are collected by Tools/Agents, how data schema results from this and uses those results to gain economic insights
    • Can lead a conversation on the MAS Advanced delivery model, with best practice positioning
    • Can lead a conversation on the framework of Cloud Cost Optimization covering topics across technical 'Right Size' and commercial 'Right Cost' aspects, and propose a suitable solution
    • Proficient in Dutch and English langugae.
    Cross Subject Matter Expertise:

    • Can collect customer requirements for
      • Cloud Apps/Data solutions
      • Cloud Compute solutions
      • Future Workplace solutions
      • Software Lifecycle Management solutions and take over the first qualification of the opportunity
    • Gather customer requirements for Data Protection and Security to propose a suitable solution from the SoftwareONE Portfolio that addresses customer challenges and qualify the opportunity
    • Can explain the business impact of out-tasking; designs individual managed services in coordination with the delivery, but without on-site presales support of the service delivery; can define a complex operational model


    IAITAM CSAM (or similar)
    SNOW/Flexera/ServiceNow (Seller)

    ITIL v4 Foundation
    MS-900 M365 Fundamentals

    PLUS, one of:
    AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals
    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
    What you should really know about us.:
    Strip away everything. Strip away our brand, strip away our buildings, strip away our offices. What are we left with? Our people. This is what makes SoftwareONE successful.
    Passionate people who live and breathe our values every day, who delight our customers, every day, and who go above and beyond, every day. Our culture is unique, and I believe that having the right people, and empowering them to succeed, is the absolute key to our success.
    Patrick Winter, Founder.
    What we expect from our employees:
    Success at SoftwareONE is not defined by what you do for yourself, but by what you deliver for our customers, the business and for the employees around you.
    SoftwareONE employees are energized, agile and are laser focused on delivering world class Customer Satisfaction and results. Our leaders motivate and inspire their teams and provide a working environment that delivers incredible levels of Employee Satisfaction. We are Humble, have a very high degree of Integrity and are simply not interested in politics.
    Our leaders operate with a high levels of Discipline but are able to work at Speed manage change in a global economy.
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