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    3 - 5 Years
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      March 01,2021
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    So, you're considering Ohpen as your next recruitment gig?

    Then you probably already know how we were the first core banking engine in the world to go cloud-native, and that we were named one of the hottest startups in Amsterdam by Wired Magazine?

    What you might not know is that we doubled in size last year. We are nowhere finished scaling however, and our growth targets for the coming years are certainly one of the reasons why you are reading this job ad.

    The other reason might be that you're done with big corporate hierarchies or agency environments or micromanagement, and you want to have a real impact somewhere. You want to have ownership of your work, manage your own time and have the freedom to create.

    If I hit a nerve there, then I'm glad; it means we both might have found the match we are searching for. So let's brief you.


    You will be key to our success. Achieving our growth targets depend on us finding and attracting the right people in a timely matter, and that's where you come in.

    We will entrust recruitment matters in Amsterdam to you, but you won't be alone; you will have support from your two fellow Recruiters, as well as your five HR teammates, many of whom you will meet during your interviews and who are distributed across Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona and Bratislava.

    Our people in Amsterdam make up the beating heart of our company; it's where it all started, and is still the center of action in Ohpen. One day you might be searching for that unconventional marketeer who's ideas will help us break into new markets, and another day for seasoned bankers who's knowledge will help us build yet another unprecentented product.

    Some things are for sure though, and that is that your searches will be niche, and the talent pools are small - hiring at Ohpen is not about finding someone, but all about finding the right one.

    Have you read about a new sourcing tool? Got a cool concept in mind for a meet-up or event? Your mission also includes helping us mature our talent acquisition processes and strengthening Ohpen's brand as an employer, in the Netherlands and wherever we scale up next.


    • You are a senior recruiter (think: at least 5 years experience, but it's really more about the way you work, and less about the number of years you've done it);
    • You are independant and thorough. No one needs to double check your work.
    • You know the ins and outs of the Dutch market;
    • You're ideally familiar with our world: fintech and core banking, or you have a burning passion to learn about it;
    • You think outside the box and engage with talent across various platforms, events and meet-ups;
    • You can source; you know all about sourcing methods and you know LinkedIn isn't the only source for talent;
    • You speak English and preferably also Dutch;
    • You are fun to work with. :)


    • As we grow, we go through a lot of changes and improvements. You will have influence on how we improve and what we change;
    • Growing a company during scale-up phase and maturing a talent acquisition function is both challenging and fun;
    • You will have the freedom to pitch all the ideas you have;
    • No one will micromanage you, and you will work with a flexible team. You will own your projects, and manage your own time;
    • We didn't start Ohpen to be just another company. We started Ohpen to be amazing. You will be exposed to an unrivaled mix of talents and specializations;
    • You will enjoy a zero-bullshit culture, where people are encouraged to speak their minds and be themselves, however quirky or unconventional they may be;
    • You will never get too comfortable, as we will always make sure to throw new challenges at you when you are ready;
    • To us, your health matters. We offer the opportunity to clear your mind in our fully equipped 370 square meter gym, and weekly kick-boxing and yoga classes(even remote classes during the pandemic!).


    • Our business domains are niche, and talent in such domains are sparse;
    • Last year, we acquired the company Davinci Software, and we are still busy with the integration. This means that things do not always run smoothly;
    • Being service minded is good, but to succeed in this role you will need a 'business partner' mindset and speak up when you disagree;
    • We only employ the brightest, sharpest, most ambitious minds. Your search won't be easy;
    • Proactively engaging with candidates needs to be a primary instinct.

    For safety reasons, we ask you to upload your resume, cover letter, et cetera in PDF-format.

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