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    Project Scheduler

    On behalf of ESA, we are currently looking for a Project Scheduler to work in its Site (ESTEC) in the city of Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

    The key person will report directly to the Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration (HRE) Head of Project Control and will work on a daily basis with the project controllers and project teams of the OrionESM, IHAB and ESPRIT projects. The Project Scheduler will also be in contact with ESA project’s Industrial consortia and with the international partner organisations (NASA, JAXA, and CSA).

    ESA missions are at the forefront of human exploration. Building on a strong heritage in human spaceflight and the successful ISS and ATV programmes, ESA in collaboration with its International partners have turned their gaze to deep space and have laid the foundations for the journey to Mars. The first exciting step on this journey is returning humans to the Moon and establishing a sustainable human presence in deep space, which will be achieved through the Artemis Programme.

    The European Service Module (ESM) is ESA’s contribution to the Orion vehicle, which will shuttle humans to and from the Moon. It will dock with a new space station known as the Gateway, the portal through which humans can access different landing sites on the Moon. It is also a safe haven, a facility for science and robotic surface operations as well as refuelling depot for lunar landers. ESA is providing the I-HAB module, which is the habitat housing four crew for up to six months, and the ESPRIT module, which provides vital communications and the refuelling capabilities.

    The destination is no longer Low Earth Orbit, but deep space. First stop is the Moon driven by the Artemis programme, with vehicles like the Orion crewed spacecraft and large, space station-like facilities like the Lunar Gateway, for which ESA will provide the IHAB and ESPRIT modules. Overall, this infrastructure will provide repeated access to the surface of the moon, both for astronauts and rovers. Initial goal is to re-take lunar scientific exploration with much newer means and instrumentation, but the final goal is to build the experience and confidence to eventually send humans to the surface of Mars.

    Tasks and Activities

    The scope of work will include:

    • Provide schedule support in major tender evaluations of the Gateway and Orion-ESM projects.
    • Provide support to, and/or participate in, contractual and technical negotiations for schedule aspects.
    • Provide schedule support to the major technical reviews of the main projects in the Directorate to ensure schedule objectives are met.
    • Support the projects in their schedule interactions with ESA International partners.
    • Assist the projects in the day to day schedule monitoring and control of its industrial consortium against the baseline schedule.
    • Conduct specific ad hoc schedule analysis of project activities as needed.
    • Support the Risk management process of the Projects.
    • Assist the HRE Project Control section in the design and implementation of new schedule control / progress monitoring techniques.

    Skills and Experience

    The following skills and experience are mandatory:

    • Masters in Engineering or equivalent University degree from a recognised Institution of secondary studies or equivalent qualification in Business Administration, with at least 4 years of relevant experience.
    • Demonstrated expertise with the use of modern schedule software tools (at least both MS Project, Primavera).
    • Expertise with the techniques that allow the use of such software tools to provide active schedule management and best scheduling practices.
    • Proactivity, good communication skills and attention to detail.
    • Ability to interact effectively with the technical personnel in the above-mentioned projects and colleagues of different backgrounds (engineering, management, legal).
    • Capability to summarise and present complex information to colleagues and senior management in a concise and clear manner.
    • Capability to work autonomously and at the same time be able to work effectively as part of a team.
    • Fluency in English, both written and spoken.

    The following skills would be highly desirable:

    • Experience with the schedule peculiarities of spacecraft development.

    RHEA Group is a growing international company, focusing on providing innovative, market-ready solutions and services in our key sectors of Space and Security for both commercial and institutional customers. We employ over 500 staff working across 10 different countries. We work with distinguished clients such as the European Space Agency, EUMETSAT, NATO, European Commission, Canadian Government and national space agencies.

    When you work for RHEA, you will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best talented minds and experts in our industries, either working at our clients sites on some of the most exciting space missions or on cutting-edge projects in security, concurrent design, data and ground systems within our own offices.

    To attract the best candidates, RHEA offers our employees competitive remuneration packages, unique career opportunities, individualised training and development programmes and local relocation support to take the stress out moving to another country or city. We are recruiting now. We understand your concerns during this period of a global pandemic and we will work with you, at your pace ensuring your questions are answered and maximum flexibility is offered.

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