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      September 16,2021
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    Project Manager 项目经理

    Company description:

    We founded our full-service agency specialized in marketing and cross-border e-commerce operations for the Chinese market in 2013. Back then our company was the first of its kind in the Benelux. Now 8 years later NextportChina has grown into the go-to agency for companies that want to reach their Chinese target audience. So far our passionate team of Chinese and Dutch professionals have served over 200 European brands with building their online presence in China on various social platforms. We are among the leading agencies in China Digital Marketing, WeChat/Alipay Mini Program and H5 (game) design and development. As we are steadily growing, we are looking for new talent to join our team and work together with us on current and upcoming projects.

    NextportChina | Amsterdam-based full-service digital marketing agency connecting European brands with their Chinese customers。

    - 欧洲荷比卢地区专注中国市场的创意数字营销公司

    - 总部坐标荷兰首都阿姆斯特丹市中心,美景环绕

    - 集聚中荷两国 Marketing 人才,脑洞大开,创意满分

    - 成功服务200多个欧美品牌,助力众多客户进军中国市场


    Job responsibilities:

    Manage a range of projects for different clients and execute digital marketing services, such as setting-up and operating Chinese social media, organize and coordinate marketing campaigns. You will report directly to the management team. 负责管理不同客户项目,执行 Agency 的数字营销服务(如创建和运营客户的中文社交媒体平台),组织和协调 Marketing 活动策划,直接对接公司的管理团队。

    1. Have a professional understanding and knowledge of major Chinese social media such as WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, etc;

    2. Good understanding of our clients’ businesses, needs, challenges and opportunities. Provide strategic advice;

    3. Deliver tangible business value for our clients and ensure high quality of work both in terms of creativity and effectiveness;

    4. Create opportunities for cross-sells and upsells;

    5. Contribute to and participate in new business pitches.

    1. 对微信、微博、小红书、抖音等主要中文社交媒体有专业化的理解和认识,并将其应用到实践中;
    2. 充分了解客户的业务,善于抓住客户的需求,并提出战略性的建议;
    3. 在保证创意和实效的同时高质量完成工作,为客户持续创造价值;
    4. 对市场嗅觉灵敏,善于发现销售机遇;
    5. 参与到不同商业 Pitch 的准备和展示中。


    Job requirements:

    1. 3-5 years experience in a similar position;
    2. Able to organize and delegate;
    3. Effective communication and presentation skills;
    4. Connect with people at all levels;
    5. Solve problems with ideas;
    6. Appreciate that the big picture ánd details do matter!

    1. 3-5年相关工作经验;
    2. 项目组织和管理能力出众;
    3. 沟通能力和 Presentation 技能过人;
    4. 性格外向,擅长跟不同的客户交流;
    5. 应变能力强,善于处理解决各种问题;
    6. 注重细节,有大局观。


    What we offer:

    1. Work experience at Digital Marketing Agency in the Netherlands, a valuable opportunity to handle clients of different countries and industries;

    2. A relaxed and open team atmosphere, a sense of accomplishment that turns ideas into reality;

    3. Competitive salary;

    4. 26 paid holidays;

    5. Free delicious lunch and coffee, and milk tea occasionally;

    6. Equip you with an Apple work computer.


    1. 荷兰 Digital Marketing Agency 的工作经验,接触不同国家和类型客户的宝贵机会;

    2. 轻松开放的团队氛围,将想法变成现实的成就感;

    3. 有竞争力的薪酬;

    4. 26天带薪年假;

    5. 美味午餐和咖啡免费供应,不定时奶茶放送;

    6. 为你配备一台 Apple 工作电脑。


    Working location: Amsterdam

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