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    Junior Researcher

    ?What If! are a part of the Accenture Innovation Network in Strategy and Consulting

    We are innovators who ask and answer the ?What If! questions that help organisations imagine new growth futures – and we work with Accenture to make them a reality. We believe the organisations that will be successful are those who lead, experiment, adapt and learn, innovating from both the inside out and the outside in. We help organisations with future readiness by using an experimentation-led approach to build growth futures (vision, products, services, brands, ventures) and create growth cultures (leadership, culture, capabilities). We are here to innovate at scale, which means rolling our sleeves up to create the impact we want to see in the world.

    The role - Junior Researcher

    You operate as a Junior Researcher within our quantitative research team. In consultation with your team manager, projects are assigned to you. Normally, a project team consists of a Research Manager, a Senior Researcher and a Junior Researcher. You as a Junior Researcher will be working on multiple projects at the same time.

    As Junior Researcher, you:

    • Are responsible for the project management of your projects; project planning, keeping deadlines, communication with external parties (MSI, translation agency), plan the so called Magic Moments with the project team
    • Are responsible for monitoring the progress of the fieldwork, keeping track of incidences, quota, data quality
    • Are responsible for cleaning and analysing SPSS data files
    • Are responsible for the first draft of the top lines and report including key findings and recommendations
    • Take care of finalising questionnaires and reports after discussion with the rest of the project team
    • Understand the categories / brands you are working for
    • Constantly help improving what we do by keeping an eye on activities in the market and how these can grow our offer. You regularly attend research seminars, workshops or network activities

    What future success looks like:

    • Being in charge of personal planning: keep track of your own capacity, deliver tasks on time, signal any problems to your manager and are confident to run several projects at a time
    • Being prepared for client meetings / asking relevant questions / showing you understand the business issue at hand, being present / visible / adding value to client calls and meetings
    • Being able to convert a client briefing into a draft questionnaire, also for non-standard studies
    • Being able to have contact with clients about day to day things, pro-actively keeping them updated about progress and answering questions about set-up, questionnaire and fieldwork
    • Being able to independently come up with a report structure that fits the needs of the client and objectives of the study
    • Being able to run analyses to come up with the data needed to answer the research questions
    • Being able to draft take-outs, conclusions and relevant actionable recommendations


    • We are looking for candidates with at least 1 year of experience post education
    • We are looking for people passionate about consumers, market research & data
    • We love people who are inquisitive, hungry to learn and ready to absorb. Filled with gumption, bravery, and humility
    • ?What If!ers are united by 5 core values - Adventure, Impact, Passion, Love & Audacity and these come across in every project we produce as well as everyone we recruit
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