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    Full-time Position
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    Supply Chain and Procurement
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    English German
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    1 - 2 Years
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      B.A.M. Vermeer
    • Date Posted
      April 04,2021
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    Harvesting and packing asparagus

    580 VOF van Iersel van Kessel 80 views Municipality of Eindhoven 38-42 € 10,71 - € 11,47 gross hour NL contract Agriculture

    We offer

    • Employment with stable work and a Dutch contract at B.A.M. Works B.V.
    • Starting with basic gross salary of € 10.71 per hour;
    • Payment in euro within 4 weeks within 10 days of the end of the billing period;
    • Deduction for health insurance: EUR 107.64 for 4 weeks;
    • Rent for an apartment: € 87.50 per week.

    You are required to have Dutch health insurance, we can arrange it at a competitive price of € 107.64 for 4 weeks. Part of these costs can be claimed from the Dutch government by applying for a so-called "Zorgtoeslag", reimbursement depends on the level of remuneration and personal circumstances.


    Daily chores are cutting asparagus from the ground.


    At least 38-42 hours a week, but sometimes even more during busy periods.

    The work is performed mainly from Monday to Friday, for those who are willing, it is possible to work on weekends (of course, it depends on the weather conditions)

    Work begins between 6-8:00 (depending on weather conditions).

    What do we expect from you?

    • Knowledge of English or German is appreciated;
    • Motivation and willingness to learn;
    • Ability to work in a team, but also independence;
    • Experience with plant farming is preferable, but more important is high work motivation.

    Further information

    Place of residence:

    • WiFi Internet
    • toilets + showers (shared)
    • washing machine + dryer
    • kitchen
    • Transport to work will be by bicycle or car / bus, but this depends on whether the place of residence is close to the workplace (maximum 8 kilometers by bicycle). If the distance to work is greater, we provide free transport in a company car.

    € 10,71 - € 11,47 gross hour

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