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    Global Tribe Lead Digital Channels

    ING WB TS is looking for a Global Tribe Lead Digital Channels

    In the fast moving digital world of Wholesale Banking are looking for a Tribe Lead to help us steer and run the Tribe Digital Channels in WB Transaction Services.

    Job description

    As the Wholesale Banking Global Tribe Lead Digital Channels you define the digital vision and orchestrated the digital experience for our clients across the Wholesale Banking (and international Mid Corp) organization to meet the ever-changing client demand. You enable ING's client, product and service teams to bring and continuously improve customer journeys into the digital world through web and app platforms and excellent UX designs and connect 3rd party services. You define this vision in collaboration with the Product and Building Block Tribes.

    You will steer your Tribe across different countries with different cultures and in different time zones. You will share a collective responsibility with your peers to improve ING's performance and identify opportunities to better serve and delight customers. You will have an eye on the long term perspective. You will translate the Think Forward Strategy and changing customer behaviour into business outcomes and ensure you stay on track with the focus on the right priorities. You will proactively anticipate dependencies and collaboration across the entire organization with the parties that need to contribute to a specific implementation of your business area. You will report the future direction, required capacity and delivery of your business area during the Quarterly Business Review process and manage your priorities in this process.

    As a Tribe Lead:

    • You strengthen the ING One Agile Way of Working as a role model while safeguarding the Orange Code.
    • Your primary responsibility is to facilitate, support and motivate your Tribe members.
    • You determine – in consultation with your Product Area Leads, Chapter Leads and other Tribe Leads – the team structure of your Tribe, the squad composition and purposes.
    • You effectively manage the transition of your Tribe to One Agile Way of Working within your cross-border Tribe.
    • You create – together with the agile coaches - high-performing teams and remove impediments.
    • You formulate a clear purpose for the Tribe based on the client and product strategy and (changing) market conditions and are responsible for delivering on the Tribe purpose and setting the right priorities
    • You ensure regulatory compliance across your entire domain.
    • You offer a differentiating customer experience by continuous innovations starting from client centricity (incl. beyond banking).
    • You are IT asset and/or data owner for all relevant IT assets and data in scope.
    • You are accountable for design of risk & control compliancy in order to mitigate business and operational risks.
    • You are accountable for embedding process leadership for processes in the scope of your Tribe.
    • You maintain contacts with stakeholders and external parties (for example ECB, IT Vendors, ...).
    • You support the development and craftsmanship of the Product Area Leads, Chapter Leads and Product Owners within your Tribe.
    • You stimulate cross-border interaction and alignment between people, Tribes, Squads, Chapters, FO organization and Service organization.
    • You create and maintain the new cross-cultural collaboration by creating awareness and understanding, leveraging on diversity and by communicating effectively.
    • You offer easy and safe products and processes to our customers. Flawless transaction handling and reporting.
    • You offer our business clients a state of the art set of solutions matching their business processes.
    • You support a seamless customer experience in sales and servicing.
    • You are responsible for the data within the Tribe, how it is gathered and used.
    • You are expected to represent ING at various industry forums and conferences (or delegate representation) and to meet clients, both to represent ING on their product area as well as collate relevant industry-related trends and information, to be used in the course of carrying out their role.

    The Global Tribe Lead Digital Channels you:

    • Deliver customer journeys from the 'decision to purchase' to 'in-life servicing' by designing and delivering Generic Channel Foundation & Services (e.g. Platform, Search, Admin) including related applications & processes. This can include consuming APIs or 3rd parties.
    • Engage with the front line & service representatives and build capability for InsideBusiness Service, ensuring that employees can access the same platform as clients.
    • Implement the Salesforce platform for all client interacting staff within Wholesale Bank as the single Client Relationship Management system based on prioritizing customer journeys (moving CRM capabilities from Vantage and BD Vision to Salesforce).
    • Provide a Centre of expertise for UX specialist (design, standards and support).
    • Create and maintain products and processes related to Mobile App.
    • Own (build, maintain and support) all client journeys related to Security, Identity & Access Management and continuously upgrade it.
    • Support other tribes in seamless integration of their digital solutions in the single channel.
    • Define the digital strategy and execute the digital channels and security roadmap.
    • Ensure channel (re)definitions are executed such that customer retention is addressed.

    Your work environment

    The Tribe Digital Channels is part of the Wholesale Banking Transaction Services organisation. The Tribe Digital Channels is in a hierarchical reporting line to the Head of Transaction Services but will have frequent interaction with other product business lines and NEO.

    Your profile

    An inspiring, approachable leader and pioneer of the cross-border culture, displaying the following behaviours:

    • Ability to manage a Tribe in an international context with multiple countries (approx. 40 countries).
    • Ability to take responsibility, steer strategy and realisations based on facts and data; managerial courage to question and make decisions.
    • Ability to work successfully in multiple countries and make sure these different cultures will work together as one team; taking into account different habits, beliefs, languages and time zones, etc.
    • Strong organisational sensitivity; ability to understand and take into account the underlying issues, opportunities and dynamics of an international organization with multiple functional lines and one hierarchical line and deal with multiple (sometimes conflicting) interests.
    • Ability to display style flexibility to teams and adapt plan, approach and behaviour to the different needs, cultures and situations.
    • Ability to empower teams to act autonomously and hold them accountable.
    • Ability to think out of the box and drive innovation.
    • Focus on delivery through collaboration, ability to bring people together to work towards the same purpose.
    • Strong focus on interaction, you like to connect people and clear communication is a matter-of-course for you.
    • Ability to design for simplifying complexity and driving operational excellence.
    • Strong resilience; ability to navigate through ambiguity.
    • Ability to have impact through inspiring and energetic leadership that leads teams through change.
    • Actively promote and stimulate personal development and coaching of team members.
    • Display influence and impact without being able to see your team face to face on a regular basis.
    • Act convincing, strong in problem analysis, creative in your solutions and you see giving and receiving constructive feedback as an important condition for working well together.

    Furthermore, you adhere to the ING values and it is evident for you that your behaviour is fully aligned with these values. You are also prepared to take the Banker's Oath. For more information, please visit

    Skills required

    Proven track record and technical skills:

    • Master's degree.
    • 5-10 years' proven track record at management level.
    • A personality and the capabilities to optimally function within an Agile environment.
    • Experience in guiding and realising change.
    • Experience/affinity with Wholesale Banking Product Area(s) is a plus.
    • Affinity with IT is a plus.
    • Sound experience in building strategic roadmaps.
    • Expertise in driving and steering multidisciplinary teams (BusDevOps).
    • Proven experience in strategic projects with high impact.
    • Excellent level of English.

    What we sacrifice

    • 36/40 hours
    • Job scale 15

    Interested, huh?

    Apply directly online, click on Apply for this job. For further inquiries, please contact Marco van Pesch HR NL WB. Please send your CV and motivation. We are looking forward to your application! For more information on vacancies please check

    This vacancy closes on March 30th 2021.

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