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    Front-End Developer

    The Product

    The “Phenom” range of instruments packs the exciting science and engineering of electron microscopy in a desktop system the size of a brutal gaming PC. The most striking aspect of these tools is their ease of use: After a half-hour introduction, anyone can use them. And yet, they magnify nanometer-scale features up to a million times. As a reference: a COVID virus is 60 – 140nm in diameter.

    Ease of use and cost effectiveness are achieved by very tight collaboration between mechanics, electronics, and software. For more information, see

    The People

    To enable building this highly integrated product, we work as a tightly knit group of talented team players who each bring their own expertise to the table. We believe that innovation happens at the crossroads of technologies, and we take the Agile Manifesto seriously. At the next birthday party, you will not tell people “I have a new job where I write and review code for some technical machine”, you will proudly say “I build electron microscopes.” Because that’s what we do.

    The Position

    The most visible part of a user-friendly product is its user interface. When the Phenom was first launched over a decade ago, the “point and shoot” interface with its touch screen and single rotary knob revolutionized the electron microscopy market. While our competitors are still scrambling to catch up, we have recently launched an all-new user interface with a cool plug-in architecture in which we are gradually combining not just the interactive operation of the microscope, but also various analysis and measurement applications. We are looking for someone with user interface design proven skills, who puts the user experience first, and who knows how to build something powerful yet friendly.

    Key responsibilities include, but are not exclusively:

    • Development of front-end application based on a full comprehension of the function, purpose, and use of the product.
    • Align on architectural guidelines and re-use of components with other application engineers.
    • Making practical development choices given limited design information.
    • Troubleshooting and debugging of software programs in a simulation as well as on the microscope systems available for development.
    • Conduct bug fixing on existing issues through software implementation, development of test methodologies and performing unit tests.
    • Act as the authoritative owner of multiple functional characteristics and/or modules of the specified software application.
    • Mentoring and coaching less experienced Software Engineers within the team.


    • Typically requires, University Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related technical discipline.
    • 2-4 years’ experience in object-oriented development of technical software for high-tech equipment.
    • Must demonstrate clear ability to develop effective software for complex, high-performance sub-systems, and components.
    • Experience with UX design
    • Knowledge of C++ and Qt/QML is a must.
    • Knowledge of interoperability between different programming languages.
    • Eligible for a passport and able to travel.
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