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    Full-time Position
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    3 - 5 Years
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      Bright Computing
    • Date Posted
      January 31,2021
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    Front End Developer

    We have a position available for a front end developer to work on our web based graphical cluster management interface, Bright View. Bright Cluster Manager exposes a rich cluster management API to the outside world which can be used to control and monitor all aspects of a cluster. You will be responsible for designing and implementing user interfaces that make the capabilities of this API accessible to system administrators and end users of a cluster.

    There will be ample opportunity to develop your skills and to take initiative. You will have the opportunity to work with the latest hardware (e.g. GPUs, FPGAs, accelerators, high-speed interconnects such as InfiniBand, Omni Path and 100 Gig-E) and software technologies such as parallel filesystems (e.g. Lustre, GPFS, BeeGFS, WekaIO), Spark, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Open vSwitch and Ceph.

    Required and Desirable Skills

    You have deep knowledge of Javascript with and without frameworks such as Angular. You have experience with REST APIs and are proficient in HTML and Typescript. In addition, you have experience with CSS, CSS pre-processors (e.g. SCSS, SASS or LESS) and frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Material design, Tailwind CSS) and can work with XML. You should have a strong understanding of how to build high performance single page web applications using the MVC design pattern. Experience with front end build tools webpack, npm, gulp as well as automated testing software such as cypress, jest or jasmine are beneficial but not strictly required. Ideally you are passionate about the adoption of software development best practices.

    Experience with ORM (BreezeJS, NGRX), Node.js and reactive programming like RxJS would be regarded as beneficial. Also experience with other programming languages than Javascript (e.g. C++, PHP, Python) would be beneficial, but not strictly required.


    Our cluster management software is based on Linux. You should be familiar with the Linux operating system. In addition, you are familiar with the most common software that is part of a typical Linux installation.

    General Skill

    Bright Computing is a young but rapidly growing company. We require people who are not only very skilled, but who are also flexible, reliable, can take initiative, can deal with responsibility, and have a "can do" mentality.


    • Languages: English
    • Education: Bachelor's degree or equivalent
    • Experience: >2 years
    • Salary: Depending on skills, qualifications and experience
    • Benefits: Employee’s income protection insurance ("WGA GAT Uitgebreid and WIA Excedent"), disability insurance, pension (70% company contribution), commuting allowance, home internet allowance, stock options, 25 paid vacation days, company laptop (Dell XPS 15)
    • Hours: Full time
    • Starting: ASAP
    • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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