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    Full-time Position
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    Supply Chain and Procurement
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    1 - 2 Years
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    • Date Posted
      December 31,2020
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    Forklift Operator

    Working independently at the Warehouse departments, physically as well as technically within the systems:

    • Loading and unloading trailers and containers by using electrical pallet trucks and forklift trucks;
    • Receiving incoming goods, packing material and ingredients;
    • Handling internal transportation with the help of a range of internal transportation equipment;
    • Pick and pack of outgoing shipments according to quality standards to be shipped in time;
    • Executing tasks in manual areas with the help of reach trucks and small corridor trucks;
    • Performing other logistical activities.

    Core job Responsibilities (major accountabilities)


    • Assure adherence to all safety requirements (own safety and safety of others) by strictly following all safety guidelines and not performing any tasks prior proper training. Always escalate to Warehouse Operations Supervisor or Warehouse Coordinator (or deputy) if there is uncertainty how to proceed.


    • Assure adherence to all quality guidelines of products and service of the Warehouse by strictly following all procedures and work agreements. If any uncertainty, always escalate to Warehouse Operations Supervisor or Warehouse Coordinator (or deputy).


    • Independently working in various Warehouse departments and request guidance from Warehouse Operations Supervisor in case of backlog or exceptions on weekdays.
    • Independently working on inbound department in the weekends.
    • The following activities are handled with internal transportation equipment like Electric Pallet Truck(EPT), stacker, forklift truck, reach truck and small aisle truck (for which the user needs to be a certified driver):
      • Unloading and receiving of goods at Inbound department, independently performing quality checks and handling incoming goods in the system.
      • Storing and scanning of goods in manual areas with the use of powered industrial trucks.
      • Picking and packing of shipments with client specific requirements and carry out quality checks in the different stages of the process, from collecting all items and in the end making sure the shipments is ready for transportation.
      • Checking and loading all outgoing shipments. This includes all quality checks of containers and trailers, handling the loading plan and processing all steps in the system.
      • Solving small malfunctions in the material handling equipment and refill the supplies in equipment.
      • Performing other (logistical) activities like: cleaning of the department, administrative tasks, processing waste, supporting the Product Finishing Department, active participation in meetings, etc.
      • Extra activities like unloading with full face mask, handling containers with terminal truck, provide on-the-job training for colleagues, etc..
    • All activities above need to be performed according to productivity key indicators.

    Continuous improvement:

    • Active participation in continuous improvement meetings like Root Cause Analysis and submit ideas in the Idea Program.
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