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    Full-time Position
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    1 - 2 Years
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      Redwood Software Inc.
    • Date Posted
      February 14,2021
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    C Developer

    Job Role

    You will be responsible for the development of the platform agent, along with progression of our VPN solution for cloud customers. As part of a small, geographically distributed, team of dedicated C developers working on this codebase you will interact with developers in other groups working on the central server (Java) and UI (web based).

    • Coding in C (agent), Posix Shell (UNIX installer), CMD/Cshell/Delphi (Windows installer) and Java (server part interacting with the agent)
    • Test code on all supported platforms (Linux, Windows, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OpenVMS) and architectures (x86, x86_64, arm64, power, pa-risc, sparc, itanium)
    • Partner with the product management team to define, design and implement new functionality on the platform agent, analyse and resolve issues with deployed software, interact with customer support
    • C (ANSI C99) experience
    • Libc and/or win32 experience, Gdb and/or MSVC debugging experience
    • Bonus skills include - Java, Git, Operating systems user - Windows, Linux, UNIX, Open/VMS. Experience as user of different operating systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS. Experience developing to different OS APIs, encryption and authentication (TLS, X509), Networking (IPv4, IPv6, routing, DNS), Bash/KSH, CMD, Cscript, Delphi
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