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    Battolyser B.V. (“Battolyser”) is a spin off from TU Delft following an invention by Professor Mulder at the chemical engineering department. Battolyser holds world wide patents related to the development of an integrated nickel-iron battery and alkaline electrolyser. The battolyser uses electrodes similar to the old Edison battery, that start splitting the water based electrolyte in hydrogen and oxygen when they are fully charged, which allows it to operate as an electrolyser. Battolyser is further developping this technology allowing the product to be marketed as one system based on abundantly available materials nickel and iron, which are mined under conditions compliant with ESG standards, that enables short term battery electricity storage as well as long term energy storage through conversion to hydrogen and oxygen.

    As a result of the dual functionality, the Battolyser can store electricity and convert electricity to hydrogen and oxygen at lower levelised cost than other combinations of batteries and electrolysis technologies. The hydrogen is very attractive as feedstock in chemical processes and/or can be used as fuel in combination with oxygen.

    Put differently, with the Battolyser one can produce hydrogen at low operational costs when electricity prices are relatively low and in addition generate revenues when electricity prices are relatively high through the additional inherent functionality of the battery, by acting in the various electricity markets such as imbalance market, grid stabilization, frequency response markets, etc.

    Battolyser achieves an excellent total efficiency of 80% - 90% and thanks to its highly robust and durable nature it delivers energy for many years, which outperforms existing technologies.

    The first 15kW/15kWh Battolyser for electricity storage and hydrogen production will be installed next to the Vattenfall Magnum power station in Eemshaven in the Netherlands, early 2021. This pilot project has been sponsored by Waddenfonds in collaboration with blue chip industrial partners.

    After implementation and start-up of this pilot, Battolyser will be in a position to scale up immediately, having secured a fresh injection of capital from both Koolen Industries and its green ammonia technology subsidiary Proton Ventures, which own the company together with Professor Mulder and Delft Enterprises (part of TU Delft). There is a long list of interested industrial parties who form Battolyser’s pipeline for future commercial products.

    Battolyser is looking for a new CEO who will be the company’s first employee. Until now, Battolyser has been supported by engineers employed by shareholder Proton Ventures and by Fokko Mulder, which will continue to be the case until Battolyser has its operational strength to stand on its own feet. The new CEO will be instrumental in driving this scale up, amongst others by further hiring of relevant employees.

    Job description

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) bears final responsibility for the company’s success. He will need to drive the commercial success of the company in a highly entrepreneurial setting by initiating and completing sales processes. He will coordinate operations and plays an integral role between various parts of the company. The CEO will chair a (future) management team, which will need to be developed as the company scales its operations. The CEO, in consultation with (future) board members and shareholders, will develop and document the strategy and policies of the organization.

    The CEO will be supervised by – and work closely with - the Supervisory Board of the company, which is comprised of shareholder representatives. The Supervisory Board is responsible for hiring of management board members.


    Responsibilities include:

    • Determine strategy of the company in line with the vision of shareholders and management team
    • Together with Supervisory Board, determine targets which will allow the company to reach its full potential and monitor the company’s progress toward these targets
    • Take charge of sales processes related to selling battolyser products and developing cooperation agreements with third parties
    • Recognise and initiate technical improvement potential whilst being aware of associated risks * Initiate subsidy tracks, cooperations and further research & development options for new generations of battolysers
    • Manage the scaling up of the company in personel and production capacity
    • Analyse the company’s competitive positioning and initiate improvement programs
    • Present and justify financial and operational results and targets to shareholders and other stakeholders
    • Regular contact with all stakeholders, including shareholders and Supervisory Board members
    • Represent the company externally during key events


    The CEO is an ambitious leader with management experience in a technical production company with a strong growth trajectory and would have dealt with scale up challenges. He or she should be comfortable leading technical discussions internally and externally related to Battolysers products, meaning a demonstratable track record in the fields of hydrogen, oxygen, energy storage and trading would be preferred.

    We believe a candidate with an academic background in physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering or (electrical / electronics) process automation would be best placed to drive Battolyser’s growth. He or she should have a keen awareness of operations and maintenance.

    The CEO needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset, a strong commercial track record in identifying and closing B2B sales deal. He knows what needs to be done to allow a technically focused company with strong IP positions to scale up in short time frames, whilst guarding industry leading quality standards. This is combined with financial acumen, understanding of HR policies and process optimization skills.

    Through strong communicative skills, the CEO will need to interact with various stakeholders such as employees, prospective clients and the company’s shareholders and to successfully lead future funding rounds.

    The CEO will have a strong sense of arising markets for sustainable energy and knows how to best position the company in these markets, meaning that by reading this profile the candidate immediately understands the enormous potential of Battolyser and concrete ideas arise how to lead this company to great success. He or she has proven to be capable of developing routes to market, initiate cooperations and intelligent purchasing strategies.

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