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      January 10,2021
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    AWS Cloud Engineering Program

    At Xccelerated we offer two different roles/programs: Cloud Development (on Azure) & Cloud Engineering (on AWS). Both terms are used widely â and often without knowing or mentioning the difference. Hereâs how we define it at Xccelerated, in line with the vision and possibilities at our partner organizations.

    Your role

    We offer two different programs to become a cloud professional and future-proof your career: Azure Cloud Development and AWS Cloud Engineering. We believe having a clear focus results in being the best at what you do, or at least accelerating growth of your career as a young professional within Data & AI. Despite the differences mentioned above, there’s of course an overlap in topics/skills which are important for both a cloud engineer and a cloud developer. Therefore, both programs do align, and you’ll work together with colleagues from the other Cloud group and Data Engineering or MLE-MLOps.

    Each program begins with a month-long bootcamp training to prepare you for the first day at your future-employer. From that moment, you’ll work four days a week at the location of one of our partner organizations and one day a week at the Xccelerated office — which involves ongoing training and project support from our technical leads. At the end of each program, you'll have what it takes to directly join the company. A winning long-term solution for everyone.

    Cloud Engineering & Cloud Development:

    • DevOps mindset
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Container fundamentals
    • Kubernetes fundamentals
    • Traffic management
    • Application monitoring
    • System design

    And with Cloud Engineering:

    • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
    • AWS fundamentals
    • Advanced Kubernetes: Custom controllers and the likes
    • Advanced networking
    • Cost optimization
    • Advanced networking & security (e.g. network levels, interconnectivity, intrusion)
    • Cloud management & migration (e.g. patterns, account vending machines)

    Cloud Engineers are, first and foremost engineers. They dislike administering systems and apply software engineering principles and techniques to make sure they don't need to. They're responsible for software to orchestrate large-scale cloud environments that scale and heal themselves, and facilitate security, incident management and recovery. Sometimes they write software alongside their product development counterparts; sometimes, they build the systems those developers need, such as load balancers and backups, preferably in a way that makes it easy to share them with other systems; and sometimes, their work is applying existing solutions to new problems.

    Your profile

    Are you a software engineer or -developer with at least one year of relevant work experience? Then you’ve already got a fantastic foundation for developing further, if you;

    • Have a technical bachelor’s or master’s degree (e.g. computer science, informatics, software engineering)
    • Want to engineer large, reliable and distributed computing systems
    • Dislike repeating the same task over and over and will do everything you can to automate it
    • Have the ambition to futureproof your career, working in the most advanced cloud environments
    • Are willing to learn and have interest in working at one of our data-driven partner companies (e.g. Heineken, ING, Randstad Group, FedEx, Vattenfall)

    What we offer

    • Start date AWS Cloud Engineering program: March 1st,

    The Xccelerated Cloud Engineering program kicks off with a full-time bootcamp. This intensive training focuses on designing, development and maintenance of secure and scalable cloud-native applications, version control, continuous integration, infrastructure-as-code. We will gain hands-on experience with serverless and container-hosted applications. Participants learn through classroom lectures, short assignments, hackathons, and collaborative project assignments with colleagues from our Data Engineering program.

    The next 12-months

    After the bootcamp, you spend a full year working on-site four days a week at one of our partner companies and returning one day a week to our Xccelerated office in Amsterdam. During these “return” days, you split your time between theory and practice—gaining project guidance and coaching from our supervising consultants to support you in the partner company’s projects, while also diving deeper into training topics not covered in the bootcamp. It’s always about continuous learning. Besides the technical aspect, we’ll focus on your personal development as well.

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