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      November 15,2020
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    AWS Cloud Engineer

    Are you the cloud specialist who designs and builds a safe, infinitely scalable and welcoming landing zone?

    A fixed/mobile network that breaks the Gbps speed barrier. VodafoneZiggo invents the future today, allowing millions of customers to connect and engage quickly, safely, and effortlessly. And yes, we’re more than ‘just’ a provider of connections. We dream big. We drive positive change. From e-care innovations to IoT solutions that reduce CO2 footprints: we envision a future that is so bright, sunglasses should be part of our compensations package. ;-) To realize our dream, we want to fully leverage public cloud benefits for our developers. Can you design and build a safe, infinitely scalable and welcoming landing zone? Join the new Cloud Engineering team!

    Enjoy the challenge

    • You envision and flesh out our cloud solution. Depending on your interests, you zoom in mostly on architecture, security, ‘hardcore’ development, design and/or automated testing
    • You claim end-to-end ownership over projects, in a setting where change is the only constant
    • You work in tandem with the team that manages VodafoneZiggo’s on-premise data centers
    • You keep close tabs on the DevOps community, so solutions meet or exceed user expectations
    • You contribute to a landscape where cloud and on-premise solutions blend together as one: think ocean and sky as seen from a tropical island –hammock, palm trees and a chilled drink

    This is what you’ll do
    As Cloud Engineer you lay the foundation for a public cloud environment that facilitates, empowers and inspires DevOps teams to maximize customer value. Each day. And at breakneck speed, so time to market is minimized. An impactful role, because VodafoneZiggo connects millions and leads the pack in revolutionizing fixed, mobile and internet services. And a role that comes with a unique set of challenges. How can the public cloud accelerate our transition into a digital telco? How can we make sure our cloud and on-premise solutions don’t end up in a prolonged and messy divorce? Which building blocks are essential for developers, and which can be relegated to the nice-to-have backlog?

    You work with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP, and leverage your craftsmanship to develop and scale the landing zone. You ensure that our guiding principles, scalability, security and self-service, are reflected in all of our services. In constant dialogue with DevOps colleagues, you write clean code and develop CI/CD pipelines, utilizing industry leading tooling, such as the AWS stack, Python, Ansible, Terraform and/or Packer. Your goal: to deliver a cloud platform at scale, with strict security levels, the right control mechanisms, and the required speed and flexibility. Of note, the team is currently a one man show – the product owner says hi – and we are looking for five cloud engineers. Specifically someone with architectural expertise, someone with in-depth security knowledge, someone who can ‘Lego’ the building blocks, a colleague with a designer’s/UX eye, and someone versed in testing. Are you one of those five musketeers? Write history and shape the future with us!

    Team up
    Together with 15 colleagues you make up the Cloud Enablement Team (CET). Your team is part of Common Infrastructure, which focuses on Planning and Building of IT private cloud, hosting multiple applications, but also seeking for the next steps within Hybrid and Public cloud. Utrecht will be your home base.

    This is where you will feel at home. A great work environment, including:

    • Easy access to public transportation + inner city fun; the train station and Utrecht city center are five minutes away
    • An app that points you to an available workspace. Want to know how noisy and/or warm that area is? The app’s got you covered!
    • Great coffee at our coffee bars – our baristas are always happy to serve
    • An after-lunch game of FIFA or Pacman? Or a race in our F1 simulator? Fun is included!
    • Fresh out of snacks? Forgot (yikes!) someone’s birthday? Shop ‘till you drop at the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall

    VodafoneZiggo connects millions of people and organizations. This is how we create value. For individuals. And for society as a whole. From our technicians and customer support professionals, to all of our office staff; our 8.000+ colleagues are eager to drive that positive change. To do so, we share three values: Open Up, Team Up and Step Up. These represent thinking positively, listening to and learning from each other, with a focus on collaboration, plus a penchant for thinking and acting out of the box. That calls for people who dare to transcend their comfort zone and face challenges with a welcoming smile. Is that you? Let’s meet up!

    Do it your way
    And be an entrepreneur. All roads are open as Cloud Engineer at VodafoneZiggo. And where those roads lead? We honestly don’t know yet, because we have only just embarked on our public cloud journey and it’s up to you and your team to map the terrain. That requires a ‘dare-devilish’ spirit because you sometimes have to make bold decisions without knowing all the facts. Let alone all possible outcomes. The role also calls for true craftsmanship. After all, you are the (wo)man with the plan, and colleagues look to you for guidance and inspiration. Speaking of colleagues: we stimulate autonomy but embrace cross-functional cooperation. If you’re allergic to sharing, fuhgeddaboudit. ;-)

    Got what it takes?

    • Hands-on experience with public clouds. AWS Certifications welcome!
    • At home in the AWS stack with solid Python, Ansible, Terraform and/or Packer skills
    • Linux, shell scripting, CI/CD, DevOps, containerized environments and cloud monitoring tools won’t break out laughing when you fire them up
    • Deep understanding of web and database technologies, ditto knowledge of cloud-based architecture concepts and their design elements
    • You subscribe to security by design, authentication/authorization, encryption and best security practices
    • A willingness to contribute to architecture designs and continuous infra improvements

    Did you check all the boxes, but do personal circumstances require something extra, such as flexible working hours or workplace adaptations? We can accommodate that!

    Enjoy the benefits
    Based on a 40-hour working week at VodafoneZiggo, you can count on:

    • A gross salary between €4.500 and €5.350 per month, plenty of growth potential and an attractive bonus plan to boot
    • 20 days of paid leave
    • A monthly Benefit Budget of 14.95% of your gross salary. To use as you see fit! Put money aside for an adventurous (or super leisurely) holiday? Save up for a sabbatical? Take a few extra days off? Or simply spend the extra cash on whatever you fancy? It is up to you!
    • Unlimited Learning! Take an online programming course and discover the developer in yourself. Team up with colleagues for Spanish classes. The VodafoneZiggo menu has thousands of educational choices – an all you can learn experience!
    • A voucher for a smartphone, and a Vodafone subscription to go with it. And yes, you can use it for personal calls as well.
    • Discounts on Vodafone and Ziggo products and services
    • A worry-free pension plan that also allows you to save extra
    • An NS-Business Card tailored to your personal travel habits. Including a 1st class option, that you can even use for personal trips
    • The option to work part-time
    • Flexibility: work where and when you perform your best
    • We value social impact. You can participate in social initiatives during work hours and increase your positive contribution. An example? By joining our Online Masters program, you can teach children how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.
    • Setbacks in your personal life? We offer excellent (financial) arrangements to minimize the impact of adversity. For example when you are unable to work.
    • Substantial discounts on health insurance, sports memberships, day care and (much) more

    Let’s connect
    Apply for the position of Cloud Engineer. Questions? Call or app Recruiter Alexander Wich at +316 2492 7067 or mail to You’ll have all the answers soon! You can apply until September 1st.

    • We will let you know in 5 days if we’d like to meet*
    • Are we both positive about that first talk? Then we’ll invite you to our online TalentPitch, for a Culture Fit and a Braingame exercise. To speed up the process, we also schedule a second or third meet-up straightaway!
    • Are all systems go? Then we’ll make you a job offer
    • A pre-employment screening is part of the hiring process
    • To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our first meeting is online. Check this page to learn about our full range of measures and procedures.

    This job vacancy is part of our search for a new VodafoneZiggo colleague.
    It is NOT to be used for purposes of acquisition.

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