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    ASML Program for Young Software Professionals


    We are pleased to announce that ASML is now looking for young professionals with up to two years’ experience under their belts. The Program, which will start early next year, offers a unique blend of training in hard and soft skills.

    Thanks to the enormous demand for our machines and in particular with the development of our newest and most advanced machine yet, we are looking for 20 software engineers who have a sound knowledge of C++ and Python, who are familiar with or open to working under the Agile software-development method, and who can start in January or February 2021.

    Successful candidates will get plenty of hands-on experience working on projects where they can experiment in a supportive environment. They will also benefit from intensive training.

    However, this is no ordinary training program, and it is certainly not an internship: incumbents will earn a full salary and enjoy industry-topping labor conditions.

    If you’re keen to push the boundaries of the possible at one of the most world’s most advanced technology companies, headquartered in Europe’s top innovation hub, Brainport Eindhoven, we’d love you to apply – so please read on.

    About us

    ASML makes the most advanced machines that make the most powerful chips: we’re a world leader in the development, production and sale of the most advanced lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. We’re ranked eighth in the global FutureBrand Index, which is based on the PwC Global Top 100 Companies. We’re nestled between Microsoft, at number seven, and PayPal, at nine.

    In addition to making these machines – some of the most astounding you will ever see – we also develop and maintain the software to run them. Never resting on our laurels, we measure our performance in units that begin with “pico-“ and “nano-“. By developing ever-smaller, ever-faster and ever-more affordable chips, we’re helping make the impossible possible: smartphones that do more and more, laptops that get ever faster, and cars that keep getting smarter.
    We are a Dutch company—the Pride of the Netherlands – but we hail from all over: we’re a team of more than 25,000 people from 118 countries and counting.

    Job Mission

    Accurate measurement is the name of the game
    If your application is successful, you will start out in our Metrology Department. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. It establishes a common understanding of units that are used across the full range of human endeavor. At ASML, it is based to a large degree around the use of cutting-edge software tools. As our lithography machines get faster and faster, and the patterns on chips get smaller and smaller, we must keep correcting even for the most infinitesimal physical imperfections in our machines.

    Our software:
    1. Measures any such imperfections
    2. Calculates how the hardware must behave to compensate for them
    3. Sees to it that that hardware does its job.

    That’s why some people see metrology as the brains behind our lithography systems.
    And these brains are powerful: one component in our machines, known as a wafer stage, accelerates faster than a fighter jet so that a silicon wafer can be placed, with nanometer-level accuracy, in less than a second.

    We also use metrology systems to measure and compensate for sub-nanometer inaccuracies that inevitably creep in because of material imperfections, temperature fluctuations, or even changes in atmospheric pressure. Achieving such impressive results requires the most world’s most advanced metrology systems.

    Job Description

    Starting out: learning, and contributing, from day one
    In the first few months, you’ll take part in an intensive training program, in which, among other things, you will:

    • Learn about the software-development process at ASML, from initial requirements to final delivery
    • Learn about metrology in general, and software metrology in particular
    • Get training in Agile software-development methods
    • Develop soft skills such as in making effective presentations, enhancing your cultural awareness, and boosting your effectiveness
    • Combine classroom lectures with hands-on experience working on cases where you can experiment in a supportive environment
    • Gain further practical experience by working on a project under the guidance of senior colleagues
    Pressing on: a varied and challenging role on the cutting edge
    Once you have completed this training, you will be ready to join one of the Metrology groups. Among other things, you will be:
    • Working closely with functional metrology engineers, analyzing modelling processes so as to predict how hardware should behave in order to make our lithography machines even faster and even more accurate
    • Translating these models into well-organized, optimized, and fully documented source code in C++ and Python
    • Fitting the models into the machine’s software architecture by collecting and providing data from sensors and actuators on time, thus helping to meet performance requirements and toguarantee that software can be maintained in the future
    • Creating and documenting software tools requested by architects or other developers
    • Debugging existing source code and polishing feature sets (knowledge of C required)


    In order for us to consider your application, you must hold a bachelor’s or a master’s in Embedded Software Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related discipline.

    In addition, you must complete your most recent degree by December 31, 2020, or have completed it no earlier than December 31, 2018—that is you can have up to, but no more than, two years’ experience.


    You must also have experience programming in C++ or Python, and possess a sound knowledge of architectural patterns, as well as of object-oriented design and implementation.

    You should ideally have an affinity for physics, and possess some knowledge of MATLAB software. But this is not a requirement.

    Personal skills

    We’re looking, not just for the right technical skills and experience, but for all-round great colleagues. Thus, to succeed you should also:
    • Be a team player, working for your team’s, and the company’s, success
    • Be flexible so you can meet changing requirements
    • Have a problem-solving mindset
    • Be creative and innovative, and be keen to cover new ground
    • Be hands-on, down-to-earth and pragmatic
    • Be able, and inclined, to think critically
    • Be detail-oriented
    • Speak and write fluently in English

    Other information

    What we offer
    At ASML, we recognize that, to attract and retain top talent, we need to offer industry-topping conditions. So here’s what we offer:
    • A contract of one year, with the possibility of an indefinite contract after that
    • An intensive program where you combine training with learning on the job
    • A highly attractive compensation-and-benefits package that includes:
    • A competitive salary
    • 40 days’ paid leave: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days (with shorter working hours)
    • Payment of a 13th month
    • 8% holiday allowance
    • A pension plan
    • A commuting allowance
    • A supportive environment in which you can experiment with what you are learning
    • A close-knit network of other recent graduates and colleagues
    • The opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s smartest engineers

    In addition, if you have to move to the Netherlands, we offer help with relocation. That includes temporary housing, moving services for furniture and other belongings, and a relocation budget for the various costs associated with the move.

    The selection process
    The selection process comprises a number of steps.

    1. Application
    You submit your resume and a cover letter to us via this page. We must receive your application no later than Sunday, 1 November 2020 at 23:59 CET.

    2. Assessment
    Shortly after the application deadline, we will let you know whether you have been selected for the first round of the selection process. This consists of a pre-recorded online interview.

    3. Selection day
    If you get through the first application round, you will be invited to our selection day. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, this event will be fully online. The selection day will be somewhere in week 47 (16 – 20 November).

    4. Job offer
    Shortly after the selection day, we will let you know whether you have won a place in the Program.

    A fuller picture
    To get a sense of what it’s like working at ASML, check out this short video, which gives a picture of the company through the eyes of four young professionals:

    If you have any questions, please send us an email at [email protected], with “Query about the Program for Young Software Professionals” in the subject line.
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