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    AtMall B.V.
    WHO IS ATMALL: AtMall BV is a technology-based trading and marketing company in the fashion industry. AtMall has 3 business lines: B2B2C eCommerce/m-Commerce platform, (KOL) marketing operational consulting, and distribution/trading. Our digital platform is in the process of upgrading to an API data and content agile system, which allows all stakeholders to contribute and benefit from this shared-economy and management automated platform.   OUR ASSETS: Our ecosystem possesses a character of sophisticated stakeholder relationships, in order to accomplish the purpose of an innovative approach to marketing, trading and it’s (semi-)automation. We dedicate to serve the brands and resellers with disruptive approaches to achieve a better balanced and steadily growing distribution.   OUR MARKET AND STAKEHOLDERS PORTFOLIOS: AtMall is currently focusing on fashion, luxury and cosmetics categories and our initial market in Greater China. We are working with a few top luxury and streetwear/sports brands directly, by carrying an indirect mission of regulating and guiding the parallel market in order to optimize product lines along with the brand’s global strategy. We are also working with numerous reputable distribution groups with omnichannel sales to leverage large market needs. Our client’s portfolio is stretched from some most famous online platforms to industry-leading importers as well as the most reputable offline shopping centers in our target market.
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