Why do I struggle finding a job in the NL, even with a 8 in IELTS?

Date:2020-12-07 19:20

As of the end of June 2018, the number of vacancies reached 251,000, with an 16,000 increase in the second quarter. In addition, the number of unemployed in the second quarter decreased by 14,000 while the number of employed increased by 52,000. The conclusion is that the Dutch job market was under serious shortage!

After reading this, does any of you, job hunting pals, see your favorite position waving to you?

Even more exciting, the increased number of job vacancies is in almost all fields. I seem to see the spring of employment coming in the Netherlands

We all know that the Netherlands is a country where Dutch and English coexist.

The employment environment is very international

So in such many vacant positions

How many are English positions?

How many are Dutch positions?

Is there a large difference in the number of Dutch and English positions in various fields?

Do we need to use Dutch in the workplace?

Holding the principle of ‘latest data, best preparation’

Let's explore the Dutch positions and the English positions in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, English is actually the main business language of many companies. When applying for a position in a government department or a small local company, Dutch is still a must-have requirement. The Netherlands also offers a large number of employment opportunities for foreigners and international students. Many multinational and international companies such as ING, Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever and Philips are all looking for candidates for English positions.

First of all

Let’s start with the number comparison of Dutch and English positions

In the first data set, there was a total of 257.293 vacant Dutch positions and 67.657 vacant English positions.

A total of 128,584 vacant Dutch positions and 827 vacant English positions showed up in the second data set.

It is not difficult to see from the above two sets of data that

Dutch positions still account for the largest share

among the vacancies in the Dutch job market

At this time, some may have questions.

Are all the fields mainly Dutch?

I will take the first data set as an example to see

the vacancy situation of English positions

in the Dutch heated job market

My data summary:

Overall, business field provides the most English positions. Management, Marketing, Finance and other related fields also have many good job opportunities for English speakers.


No matter which major you chose

The language selectivity of employment in the Netherlands is relatively flexible

You will not face unemployment because of the lack of Dutch language

But if you can master Dutch

It is definitely a huge plus for your employment opportunities

Especially in the fields with more Dutch positions

I heard that some international companies provides free Dutch language courses for expatriates

(For example, HoiTalent has such an amazing welfare!)

It’s not hard to see the importance of Dutch language in the Dutch workplace

The Central Bureau of Statistics of the Netherlands investigated in this

In the Dutch workplace, More than half (52%) of the 25-65-year-old employees study work-related courses during work, including corporate training, private courses, skills training, on-the-job training, etc.

The chart above shows that more than half of the employees indicated that they were trained to perform their jobs better, 44% were to increase employment opportunities, and a small number of employees were seeking knowledge or out of interests.

Speaking of which

My conscience recommends for those who want to improve their Dutch skills

the Dutch training school right next door of HT office

I even heard that they are recruiting people recently

Wanna learn about the free Dutch course?

(I am going to collect the advertising fees in the next door office in a bit)

Let me summarize

For those on the job hunting road

You may consider learning Dutch  in combination with the situation of your own professional field

After all, more skills, the better.

However, for those who can’t master Dutch

Don't worry

The non-Dutch positions may be limited

But if you choose the right job searching platform

Get yourself employed is not a dream!

Let HoiTalent 

with an elite mentor team and over 50,000+ users

help you achieve your career dreams!

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