These Holidays/Leave you need to know in the Netherlands

Date:2020-12-07 22:46

Paid holiday

Everybody in the Netherlands has the right to have a paid holiday. The minimum paid holiday by law is 20 days a year for a full-time job, which is 4 times as much as days worked in a week. For part-time, the minimum paid holiday is also 4 times as much as hours worked. For instance, if a person works 3 days a week, then the minimum paid holiday is 12 days. 

Of course, there are companies that give away 24 to 32 days of paid holiday. Actual days will be specified in your contract. However, a lot of companies do not allow people to use their paid holiday all at once. It is up to your employer to decide how long you can go on vacation at once. Usually, 2 to 3 weeks of the holiday are allowed. 

In the case of unused paid holiday, companies may postpone it till the next half year. However, it really depends. Sometimes a paid holiday can be cashed out. You always have to confirm with HR.

Sick leave

Usually, work contracts would specify how to take sick leave. If you are sick, you would have to call in sick between 8 to 9 a.m by calling or email to your employer.

Dutch laws state that in the first 104 weeks, employees would be paid at least 70% of salaries during sick leave. However, most employers would agree to pay out 100% in the first year, 70% in the second year. Employees who get sick on purpose or do not comply with the change of work from companies do not get salaries at all.

Maternity leave

Women who get pregnant during work can get to have at least 16 weeks of maternity leave. Poor to delivery of birth, mothers can begin maternity for 4-6 weeks already. 10-12 weeks After delivery of birth, maternity allowance (zwangerschapsuitkering) would be provided. 

Maternity allowance is not provided by the company, but by the Dutch government. Dutch government would compensate 100% of your day salaries and you have to apply for it on the UWV website.

Paternity leave

Since Jan 2017, the law states that a newborn’s parents (grandparents) can have 2 days of paid leave, (kraamverlof), and 3 days of paternity leave ( ouderschapsverlof).

Newborns’ parents can have more un-paid days to take care of their child. Parents of children under 8 years old can have up to 26 times of work hours per week of paternity leave and it is usually unpaid. But some companies may pay for part of it.

Accompany leave

The employees in the Netherlands can have the right to accompanying leave to take care of friends and families in need, however, this is on the condition that you are the only one who can take care of the person in need. If the patient is already in hospital then you do not qualify for this leave. Usually, you can have up to 2 times of work hours per week of accompanying leave, during which your employer has to pay out 70% of your salary.

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