the Dutch Employment Market - Analysis of the whole data set

Date:2020-12-07 22:03

According to the data from Nuffic, there were more than 122000 international students in 2017-2018 Received higher education in the Netherlands.


The number of Chinese students reached 4347, accounting for about 3.56%. 

After graduation, it’s everyone’s wish to find a nice job smoothly.

In order to do that, knowing how many jobs are here in the Dutch employment market is very essential. 

Today, let’s take a look at this data set.

(All salary below refers to pre-tax salary)

Data according to the industry sector

Since we are still in 2018, let’s use data of 2017 as an indicator. We can easily find that the largest number of employees in the Netherlands is in the wholesale and retail trade industry, with a total number of 1,351,000.  It’s also obvious from the chat that the industry linked to the most popular international student, economics and business, accounts for the most job vacancy. 

Statistics according to contract type

As we can see from the graph above, there were 4,445,000 full-time jobs and 3,651,000 part-time jobs in 2017. Within that, full-time jobs account for 55% of all type of jobs.

Just compare the data and take a look at my bank account, the heart is broken! In the Netherlands, the part-time job average annual income is €20.330, equivalent to €1.694 per month. I have a feeling that my full-time job is paid as part-time workers. 

Statistics according to working hours

Jobs with a weekly working hour longer than 35, are viewed as full-time jobs and are relatively in majority in the Netherlands. There are 3,753,000 full-time jobs in total. The second-largest group of work is a short-time part-time job, normally 1-12 hours per week. Interestingly, the least amount of jobs is a part-time job which requires about 3 workdays per week.  

Statistics according to gender 

If we take a look at the number of jobs by gender, there is a relatively equal situation in the Netherlands, with some level of differentiation.  In 2017, there were 4,255,000 jobs were taken by male employees while 3,841,000 jobs were provided to women, with a margin of 414,000.

Statistics according to age

Surprisingly, the largest number of employees in the Dutch market is between 45 years old to 49 years old, with a number of 946,000. The reason may be the fact that they are at the most mature stage of their career path with a lot of experience and wonderful professional skills. There are also a lot of jobs that are provided to entry-level young professionals between 25 years old to 29 years old, like newly graduates. This job number for this age is 901,000, and this is what we should focus on and will compete for after graduation. 

Statistics according to company size

As we can see here,  large companies with more than 100 employees still provide the largest number of vacancies. These large companies are more stable with more business and have a healthier financial status, thus they need more talent from the market.


Even though the Dutch natives do not view the Netherlands as an ideal place to start a new business, the SME in the Netherlands still provides 3,191,000 jobs, accounting for 39.4% of all jobs. It’s worth to mention that companies with 0-10 employees still provides 1,226,000 jobs.


After reviewing the data,

You may feel that there is a huge supply of jobs in the Dutch market.

However, as international students, especially as Chinese students, we need to compete with other international job seekers for a cake that is not big enough.

More importantly, we need to face the Dutch natives' competitors of all ages.


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