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    Full-time Position
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    Software & Information Technology
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    • Date Posted
      October 03,2022
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    System Specialist

    Job Descriptions



    •     Participate in the development of the project core tasks;

    •     Participate in requirement analysis, complete the development plan design, library table structure design work;

    •     Make rationalization suggestions for responsible module, project design, information flow design;

    •     Proficient in the business processes and DB model logic;

    •     Cooperate with the manager to complete the daily project tasks.



    •     Bachelor’s degree or above, major in Computer Science or Information Management, with PHP development work experience, familiar with cross-border logistics or WMS system is preferred;

    •     Knowledge of laravel framework is preferred;

    •     Proficient in leading databases such as mysql, Mongodb, understanding of nosql technologies such as redis, memcacge, etc..

    •     Experience in big data processing and high concurrency projects is preferred.

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