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    Full-time Position
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    Software & Information Technology
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  • Experience Required
    1 - 2 Years
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    • Date Posted
      March 21,2023
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    Software Application Engineer

    Job Responsibilities

    • Responsible for the deployment and debugging of the robot management system, based on

    Linux system and MySQL.

    • Compile the system function test list, conducting system docking tests with the three-party

    system according to the project blueprint, And coordinating internal resources to complete

    the system function test and problem-solving.

    • Be familiar with TCP/IP protocol, and create network topology diagrams of the entire system.

    • Support the Project manager to achieve on-time delivery of the entire system according to

    the requirements of project launch and acceptance.

    • Be responsible for the output of English operating documents, train on-site customers about

    system operation, and ensure the smooth operation of the business at the project site.

    • Assist the project team to complete the project demonstration and respond to system-related



    Job Requirements

    • Bachelor degree or above; major in computer, information management and logistics.

    • Have more than 1 year experience in it system implementation.

    • Can use Linux system basic commands skillfully, including file search, application

    deployment, fileediting, etc.

    • Can use MySQL database skillfully, such as select, update, insert, delete,and other

    statements, aswell as multi-tableassociated query.

    • Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese to meet the needs of daily and


    • Be able to adapt to the work by frequent travel in Europe. Traveling time in work: 60~80%.



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