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    Program Director - Psychedelic Practitioner Training

    Since 2018, The Synthesis Institute has offered legal, safe, and evidence-based psychedelic wellness retreats near Amsterdam, guiding individuals and groups who want to experience psychedelics for integrative healing, personal growth, and spiritual exploration.

    The different initiatives to decriminalize and regulate access to psychedelic psychotherapies, in conjunction with positive changes in public perception, all signal an important reappraisal of the therapeutic and spiritual potential of these powerful substances. A tide is turning—one in which practitioners of diverse backgrounds are coming together to synthesize a new way of working legally with psychedelics in the United States and around the world.

    This has led to growing interest in our psychedelic retreats and trainings, and has created the need for us to expand our team.

    Deeply rooted in a vision that everyone should have access to psychedelic care, Synthesis is pioneering a unique integration of clinical research, wisdom traditions, scientific findings, and contemplative practices. Our organization is a global leader in advancing research, building community, educating the public, and developing protocols to reduce risk, optimize benefits, and promote safe and legal access to psychedelics.

    Synthesis operates uniquely as a for-profit stewardship entity in a complex regulatory and operating environment. The Synthesis Institute is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with our Digital Education division based in Oregon in the United States. We are accepting candidates globally and will consider those willing and able to work remotely, provided they meet the requirements of the position.

    Psychedelic Practitioner Training Program Director

    The Program Director is responsible for the efficient management and impeccable, high-quality delivery of the Psychedelic Practitioner Training, in alignment with the quarterly and annual strategic and launch goals set by the Synthesis Leadership Team.

    In collaboration with the content team, the Program Director identifies key experiential learner outcomes for the program, outlines the programmatic elements to support these outcomes, audits content materials and speakers to reach diversity metrics goals, and manages the complete delivery of the program from registration through completion. In conjunction with other departmental directors, the Program Director oversees all essential components of the training, including admissions / enrollment, assessments, the practicum, the immersion, and certification / credentialing.

    The Program Director is responsible for articulating program SOPs and processes related to delivery of the Psychedelic Practitioner Training and ensuring that they are in alignment with company-wide best practices and the Synthesis Code of Ethics, thereby ensuring a consistent and optimal user experience. The program director identifies any additional resource needs, including guest faculty, technical support, and other resources tied to program delivery and the user experience.

    The Program Director manages the team responsible for delivering all assets associated with the launch and delivery of the program, supervises the budget, manages the timeline of deliverables, liaises with marketing (enrollment team) to ensure cohesion between the offer and program offering, and collaborates with other directors as needed to ensure that the Psychedelic Practitioner Training, as the flagship program of Synthesis’ digital suite of products, is truly reflective of Synthesis’ mission and values.

    The Program Director reports to the Chief Product Development Officer.

    Proposed Roles and Responsibilities

    • Supervise programmatic curriculum design, content development, and delivery of programmatic assets with consideration for the organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals
    • Ensure the smooth and proper functioning of all aspects of program delivery
    • Map the timeline and schedule for each cohort of students and ensure it is followed and fully staffed
    • Anticipate, assess, and manage program risks
    • Suggest innovative plans and processes to improve program functions
    • Establish program delivery SOPs and best practices and ensure they are adhered to
    • Develop work systems and processes that effectively drive productivity on the team
    • Track, record, and compile program performance data and provide an analysis of findings to management
    • Prepare and maintain budgets
    • Provide strategic vision and dynamic leadership while directing our programs
    • Ensure programs always support and advance the organization's mission
    • Oversee, manage, and supervise program staff who are responsible for delivering the components of the program

    Additional responsibilities include:

    • Taking DEI into account, supervise the development of admissions criteria and the process of onboarding for accepted students in conjunction with the Admissions, Assessments & Certification Lead
    • Supervise the development and implementation of assignments and assessment(s), and the process by which certification and credentialing is awarded, in conjunction with the Admissions, Assessments & Certification Lead
    • Manage the implementation of the practicum portion of the training in conjunction with the Admissions, Assessments & Certification Lead
    • Taking DEI into account, supervise the recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and oversight of Learning Facilitators in conjunction with the Assistant Program Director and the Learning Facilitator Trainer
    • Supervise the design and development of the Immersion Retreat portion of the training in collaboration with the Director of Practitioner Experiential Learning & Training
    • Taking DEI into account, supervise the design and development of the content associated with all four “lenses” and for all components of the training in collaboration with the Director of Program and Product Development
    • Consult with the Director of Marketing on design, structure, and implementation of all public communications regarding digital training programs
    • Serve as on screen facilitator or host for digital training and as faculty within the program as appropriate
    • Liaise with the Director of Customer Support on consistent response to customer feedback, questions, and trends, and support the ongoing development of FAQs regarding the program
    • In conjunction with the Director of Program and Product Development, review survey data and participant feedback from all sources to continually uplevel the participant experience and close gaps unintentionally created for our participants
    • Chair the disciplinary committee for participants who have failed to adhere to shared agreements or who otherwise are out of alignment with the Synthesis Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
    • Oversee the work of the Program Manager who is responsible for ensuring the best possible user experience for participants based on their interactions with our community managers and our online portals
    • Contribute to the process of setting goals for the programs and track progress, set-backs, and overall performance
    • Ensure all active and upcoming training programs and digital offerings are staffed and supported with adequately trained and supervised teams
    • Serve as an active departmental lead in the general product development department, ensuring that as new products are envisioned and developed that the learning and elements of PPT are reflected accurately across product offerings

    Must have requirements:

    • Master's degree or equivalent level professional qualification or greater
    • 3+ years of experience as Program Director or comparable experience
    • Excellence in project management and team leadership
    • IT savvy, preferably proficient using GSuite, Asana, Slack, Thinkific, and Circle (or be a quick learner)
    • Organized, detail oriented, and competent, driving to success
    • Flexible, agile, and adaptive in response to current market and industry trends
    • Exceptional communication skills, both oral and written
    • Committed to genuine collaboration
    • Excellent customer service skills
    • Must be eligible for employment in the United States or Netherlands

    Preferable, but not required:

    • Education or professional background facilitating transformation for others in a traditional or non-traditional setting
    • Experience with online education and training, and/or blended learning design and management
    • Ongoing commitment to a deep personal practice
    • Personal familiarity and experience with altered states and holding space for the altered states of others
    • Flexibility of schedule to accommodate our international team and participant base

    Compensation Package:

    • Annualized gross salary range offered: €63.648 - €111.384
    • Employee benefits vary by location
    • Must be eligible for employment in the United States or Netherlands

    As an organization, we take our responsibility to create a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive psychedelic future seriously. We strongly encourage individuals from historically marginalized communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ, differently abled, women, and more) to apply.

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