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    Professor of Disruption, Innovation and New Phenomena in Hos...

    Do you want to contribute to ground-breaking research in education in the field of hospitality?

    The Hotel Management School at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is looking for a

    Professor of
    Disruption, Innovation and New Phenomena in Hospitality & Tourism

    0.5 fte – 1 fte

    Where will you be working?
    With its almost 3000 registered students the Hotel Management School (HMS) is a strong Academy within NHL Stenden, University of Applied Sciences (UAS). It offers Associate, Bachelor, and Masters degrees for both part time and full time students and is part of a pilot for the Professional Doctorate being developed in the Netherlands. HMS is proud of its international orientation reflected not only in the staff and student composition and collaboration with partner locations in Bali, Thailand and South Africa, but also the international orientation of its education and research. Within the overarching DBE approach, HMS educational philosophy is grounded in the concept of hostmanship (making people feel welcome), embraces sustainability, and challenges staff and students to become game changers.

    These are also the three main areas of research within the Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR), the research centre of HMS.

    In the role of Professor of Disruption, Innovation and New Phenomena you will be part of the AIHR research group within the Hotel Management School, along with the research groups Sustainability and Hostmanship.

    The Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR) is the research unit of the Hotel Management School. The profile of HMS offers AIHR a truly international platform for doing research. AIHR synthesizes the activities of the Professorships of the NHL Stenden Hotel Management School to facilitate collaboration, share specialist knowledge, and to provide a one-stop-shop for students, staff, the wider academic community and the hospitality industry. AIHR’s areas of research are directly connected with and feed the three educational foci of HMS: hospitality studies is connected with hostmanship, sustainability in hospitality and tourism, and disruption, technology and new phenomenon in hospitality with the game changers that we and our students aspire to be. The three Professors share the role of the Chair of AIHR and that individual is also a member of the HMS Management Team during their term.

    The research findings of AIHR are intended to have an impact on the hospitality industry and also on other sectors of the economy such as retail, care and other services, to contribute to improving education in hospitality and to contribute to the development of the academic community in our field. Therefore, AIHR is closely connected to the industry to ensure that its research addresses industry needs. Staff and students are involved and encouraged to do research that is relevant to the designated fields through student placement projects, staff research and publications in academic and trade journals. This ensures the research lines are embedded in the curriculum. AIHR publishes the double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal Research in Hospitality Management (RiHM) three times per year and this journal is fully-funded by the Hotel Management School.

    AIHR was founded in 2012 and, in compliance with Dutch law on Higher Education, has been externally audited twice by an independent body. The last external audit was in 2018 followed by a mid-term internal audit in 2021. In both previous external accreditations AIHR has awarded the classification ‘good’.

    Building upon the good foundation of its first ten years of operations, in the six years covered by the current strategic plan (2022-2027) AIHR wishes to achieve the following strategic goals:

    • AIHR strategic goal 1: To conduct scholarly and industry research with national and our international partner locations.
    • AIHR strategic goal 2: To increase research collaboration between HMS Professorships and with other NHL Stenden Academies, particularly the Academy of Leisure and Tourism Management.
    • AIHR strategic goal 3: To support HMS staff with their own research goals and valorisation of research.
    • AIHR strategic goal 4: To collaborate with students and staff on their DBE, Minor, Elective and AIHR research projects across Ad, BA, Masters and PhD and to make sure that the right challenge is shared at the right level and with the right group.
    • AIHR strategic goal 5: To facilitate education for life through developing knowledge on different research methodologies and share that with students and staff. To continue to raise the research profile and reputation of AIHR and HMS through publication of the RiHM journal and hosting of AIHR and other conferences. To develop new research lines where possible.
    • AIHR strategic goal 6: To provide support for student research projects across Ad, BA, MA and PhD/PD projects. To encourage students to provide a representative to attend AIHR meetings. To encourage students to discuss research opportunities and possibly run a student conference.

    Considering the context outlined above, NHL Stenden Hotel Management School and AIHR are looking for a Professor of Disruption, Innovation and New Phenomena in Hospitality and Tourism (in principle a minimum of 0,5fte). Appointment with be initially for 4 years with an extension available for another 4 years.

    Technology underpins change in the modern world (new platforms and the sharing economy) but co-creation of sustainable and meaningful experiences is the visible face of modern hospitality and tourism (Aksoy et al., 2019; Kandampully et al., 2014). This professorship will seek out innovations and new phenomena within the field of hospitality and tourism at a national, European and global level in order to inform teaching, research and industry. The perspectives of different stakeholders in these developing new phenomena will be a core part of the research strategy for this professorship and foci are likely to include the service experience and its impact on operational and strategic management, consumer behaviour and the impact of technology, but also cultural issues and social responsibility at a corporate and individual level. Increasingly, the hospitality industry is faced with disruptors - external shocks or radically different approaches to work. It could be argued that changes in the macro environment have been possible due to improvements in technology (smartphones, high-speed mobile networks, and global connectivity), and that they have been facilitated by the customers in the hospitality industry, who have shown a great willingness to purchase online through what has become known as the ‘sharing economy’. However, while technological innovation underpins change in the modern world, sustainable and meaningful experiences co-created by people with an understanding of their history and a sense of place are the visible face of modern hospitality and tourism. The hospitality sector has too often been taken by surprise by and has not been able to proactively cope with disruptors. This highlights the need for applied research in the field of disruption and new phenomena in hospitality and tourism.

    The Professorship of Disruption, Innovation and New Phenomena in Hospitality and Tourism will provide a focal point for the collection, creation, and sharing of emerging knowledge and expertise in organizations and individuals about predicting or early signalling of such events and understanding new phenomena and disruptors at a local, national, and global level. The professorship will also be ideally placed to develop solutions to adapt to or cope with such disruptions. With an industry background preferably in hospitality technology and customer experiences and a relevant PhD degree, the successful candidate will have a proven track-record in the co-creation of knowledge between industry and education, and be able to develop funded research projects which feed into education and back into industry, as well as through cross-disciplinary collaborations within academia. Whilst a major part of a professor’s time is dedicated to research, they are also expected to engage with educational activities at Associate degree, Bachelor and Masters level. The professor also provides guidance to the two 0.2fte members of the research group.

    Aksoy, L., King, C., & Chun, H.E.H. (2019). Guest editorial - Evolving service thinking: disruption and opportunity in hospitality and tourism. Journal of Service Management, 30(4), 449-451.

    Kandampully, J., Keating, B.W., Kim, BC.P., Mattila, A.S., & Solnet, D. (2014). Service research in the hospitality literature: Insights from a systematic review. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 55(3), 287–299.

    We are looking for someone with:

    • An international industry background preferably in hospitality technology and customer experiences.
    • A relevant PhD degree.
    • International academic and professional network.
    • Proven track-record in co-creation of knowledge between industry and education.
    • Proven ability to develop, manage and report on funded research projects.
    • Relevant publications in academic and professional journals.
    • Teaching experience.
    • Ability to translate academic research to non-academic audiences, particularly toward hospitality and tourism practitioners.
    • Excellent oral and written communicator, with an established profile through publication and presentation.
    • Proven experience of generating financial support for research from public and private sector sources.

    What will you be doing?

    • Contributing to the strategic objectives of HMS by coordinating, facilitating and activating research;
    • Providing recommendations to HMS to create an optimal research and learning environment involving teaching staff and industry partners;
    • Responsible for the quality of research in the programs of HMS;
    • Stimulating, activating and guiding research activities;
    • Disseminating the research output/findings of the research;
    • Collaborating with representatives from the hospitality and tourism industry to maintain our national and international network;
    • Engage in real world research that provides industry and academia with research outcomes that are relevant, robust, reliable and actionable;
    • Create a profile of the professorship as being a recognizable and distinctive beacon for both industry and academia;
    • Inspire and engage stakeholders, by providing a partner in addressing contemporary challenges within the hospitality world;
    • Support NHL Stenden Hotel Management School in realizing its strategic objective of becoming the No.1 hospitality management institution in The Netherlands in terms of research output.


    • In principle a minimum of 0.5 FTE Professor.
    • The job is fixed term for four years, according to article D-5 of the CLA-Hbo. In the run-up to the end of this period, an application for extension of another 4 years can be applied for. For an internal employee a 4-year salary payment in pay scale 15 will be applicable.
    • Salary will be at pay scale 15 of the CLA-HBO (min. €6.149,91 - €7.940,29) gross a month, based on a full-time employment contract. The actual salary will be commensurate with knowledge and experience.
    • NHL Stenden offers attractive terms and conditions of employment including a structural year-end bonus of 8.3%, paid parental leave and extensive leave hours and development facilities.
    • Commencement as soon as possible.
    • The post will be located at and (mainly) executed from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, but travelling is also involved.
    • Travel allowance according to the NHL Stenden policies.
    • Pension scheme through Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP.

    About NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
    NHL Stenden is a University of Applied Sciences located in the North of the Netherlands with partner locations in South Africa, Bali, and Thailand. The university hosts around 25,000 students and 2,000 employees. In 2021 NHL Stenden was rated as one of the top 3 Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands for the 3rd year in a row by an independent rating institution (HBO Gids, 2021). NHL Stenden offers a wide range of study programmes and uses Design Based Education (DBE) principles. DBE is a transdisciplinary approach to education focussed on industry challenges to facilitate learning. Through the DBE approach, students are confronted with real life cases right from the start of their studies and therefore learn to apply their knowledge to designing possible solutions for the industry challenges provided.

    Research at NHL Stenden is grouped around three main themes: Vital Region, Smart Sustainable Industries, and Service Economy. The Service Economy has grown into the largest economic sector in many parts of the world and leisure, tourism, hospitality, retail and the creative sector has experienced a boom. Although COVID-19 has impacted on these sectors, recovery is already strong and the NHL Stenden professorships wish to contribute to a customer oriented, sustainable, inclusive, innovative and resilient recovery of the sector in The Netherlands and beyond.

    It happens because we make it happen. That is what NHL Stenden believes. We give our students the opportunity to fully develop their talents. In a challenging but supportive learning environment, students can own their academic and professional growth. We have strong connections with businesses and institutions in the region and abroad. As an international multi-campus University of Applied Sciences, we encourage students to look beyond their own field of study and participate in innovative projects in order to gain new knowledge. We serve as a meeting place for knowledge flows and cultures to come together, and we are constantly seeking new connections to the industry. NHL Stenden's ambitious approach results in knowledge that works.

    Application procedure

    • For further details please contact Marco ten Hoor, Director of Hotel Management, via Mrs. Margreet Feenstra, email:
    • To apply, please upload a letter of application and your C.V. via the button before 26-09-2022, , stating the vacancy number 3006 HMS
    • Interviews are planned for week 40 and 41.
    • An assessment can be part of the application process.
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