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    MSc project floating solar

    Moving forward with sustainable energy

    Do you have the ambition, talent and decisiveness to move the world forward with renewable energy solutions? Then come and join Ventolines!

    Ventolines has a clear mission: we strive for a world in which renewable energy is valuable for everyone. Whether it concerns cooperatives, neighborhood associations, investors, farmers, energy suppliers, governments or consumers. In our world, renewable energy moves everyone forward.

    To achieve this, we develop, build and manage renewable energy projects. With a good view of the interests and wishes of all those involved. We design a clear route to the desired end result. And guide our clients on that path. We feel that we own and are responsible for every phase of a project. We offer solutions for the challenges that come our way. Achieving a successful result together, that’s what it’s about for us. In this way, renewable energy moves everyone forward.

    MSc Project Floating Solar

    Designing the optimal large-scale floating solar facility for rough water conditions in the Netherlands

    Duration: 8 – 9 months
    Supervisor: Frederik Rietema

    Floating solar is gaining momentum in the Netherlands and world wide. More and more lakes (Cat 1) are utilized for sustainable energy via floating solar panels. Also offshore (Cat 4) research is done on floating solar panels at offshore wind parks. For the rougher inland waters, less research has been done yet. In the Netherlands, on the dredging depot the Slufter and on the Oostvoornse Lake (Cat 2) pilot projects have been carried out to test the systems.

    Ventolines would like to develop projects on the rougher inland waters, such as the Zeeland rivers and Ijsselmeer (Cat 2 + and Cat 3) and would like to investigate what the technical requirements should be for floating systems to be suitable for these types of waters. What are the requirements for the floating systems, what are the minimum requirements for anchoring per water category?

    First, a deep technical analysis and literature study will be performed to strengthen the business case for designing the floating solar configuration. In this study, the different purposes of the floating solar will be examined and determined if, and more important, which combination of configuration (orientation, floaters, anchoring) is possible and economically viable.

    The systems must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions (wind, waves, ice) and also have a long lifespan of 20-30 years, during which they are constantly exposed to the elements and to fatigue. System sizing and component selection (floaters ,anchoring, panel selection) will be done on the basis of the technical and financial analysis for one of the floating locations of Ventolines to model an as realistic possible scenario.

    Before this can be effectively modelled, a good understanding of local conditions and available techniques is required. A techno-economic model (to evaluate the impact of the required configuration in addition to the capital expenditure) is proposed to evaluate a suitable system configuration for these water conditions. In the research project there is a lot of room for in-depth challenge, such as in the inclusion, market forecasts, degradation of solar panels, economic feasibility.

    In addition to internal research and modelling work, it is important that the successful candidate also contacts research institutes such as TNO/TKI/ Marin and system suppliers to gain a good understanding of the systems and to be able to model them in the conditions.

    Our offer

    Ventolines offers an interesting MSc project in a dynamic and strongly developing environment. The internship allowance is €550/month and you will receive a travel allowance. The office of Ventolines B.V. Nederland is located in the WTC in Almere, right across from the central station.


    For more information contact Frans Rijnja (Corporate Recruitment Officer a.i. ) by calling 06-22452281.
    Apply by sending your resume and a cover letter to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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