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      January 17,2022
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    Liquid Studio – Internships for Custom Engineering (Front-end, Back-end & DevOps)

    The Liquid Studio of Accenture is a dedicated place in which Passion for Engineering is cherished. We believe technology driven organizations hold the future. To help clients get to a technology driven mindset, we do 3 things:

    1. We host Inspiration workshops utilizing Design Thinking,

    2. We experiment at the Innovation Studio through rapid prototyping.

    3. We provide engineering teams to industrialize proof of concept.

    As an intern, you get a chance to contribute to our internal projects which play an important role for inspiration purposes. Your contributions help us bring the emerging leading-edge technologies to the heart of our organization: Our clients!

    Your job

    At the Liquid Studio we have a backlog of 30 different projects listed below. Your job is highly specific to the project you would like to work on and the ambitions you have. Whether you have a passion for core back-end, block chains, IOT, User Experience, Modern Web Apps or Cloud does not matter so long as you have a passion for it. A true engineer will find its way agnostic to the technology used. At the Liquid Studio we provide you the opportunity to develop yourself. The outcome is to us of secondary importance.

    Your team

    Your team consists of at least 1 internal employee which helps you steer the functionality of your product or project. Given the nature of our group, you can always reach out for help.

    The projects:

    • Algotrading: Build solution for auto-investment

    • Amplitude: POC for data analytics

    • AR LS Game: AR game to learn engineering and delivery practices

    • Autonomous driving collaboration: Open collaboration activities with autonomous driving companies. Find synergies, areas of interest, needs, support areas that Accenture can bring

    • Big XR data: Show Big data in an XR representation

    • CIoTd: Create IoT systems integrated with Cloud to showcase the integration of both technologies

    • Cocktail Bar: Create smart cocktail maker

    • Codemasters: Create and improve codemasters content and experience

    • DevOps Bootcamp: Build complete DevOps school for learning modern delivery practices

    • Drone guides: Program drones to guide employees in the office space

    • E2E Pipeline demo: Create demo for showcasing all pipeline steps in an e2e delivery

    • Employee evolution tree: Build gamification solution to follow skill evolution for LS employees

    • Engagement App 2.0: Build gamification product for engagement activities

    • IntelliDJ: Implement autonomous DJ and lighting system that mixes music based in a qualitative manner

    • LiquidCoin: Administering Liquid Studio Assets Library utilizing a block chain to administer a library (such as hololenses, rasberries)

    • Learncraft Training: Evolve Unity based virtual DevOps training to cover relevant aspects in a game world

    • Multi-Cloud Devops In A Box: Continue development of DevOps in a box and expand to multicloud

    • Recommendation Engine: Create an easy and intuitive system that allows tracking and matching of demand and resources. Main goals: demand analytics, people analytics & demand matching based on preferences.

    • Smart webscraping: Solution to compare news from different sources identifying fake news, objective, and subjective topics

    • Sustainable programming: Make a research on different technology solutions and their consumption impact

    • XR Office: Build a virtual meeting place of LS

    Your background

    • Looking for:

      • Graduation project internship

      • Pre-graduate internship

    • Education in:

      • Software Engineering

      • Computer Sciences

      • ICT & Business

      • Innovation

      • Game Development

      • Robotics

      • AI

      • ... Or any other engineering school or university

    • A passion for any of following:

      • Front-end (Javascript, Vue.Js, React, Angular, Node.Js, etc.)

      • Back-end (Java, Python, C#, Kafka, Spring, etc.)

      • Mobile Development

      • Kubernetes

      • CI/CD Pipeline development and DevOps philosophy

      • Unity

      • Design Thinking and/or Interaction Design

      • IOT

      • Block Chain

    • Speaking Dutch and/or English

    Our offer

    Accenture is an incredible place to work - and keep learning. By joining us, you’ll become part of a global company with a world-class brand and reputation. Besides the work we do for our clients, we’re really proud of our vibrant, diverse workplace culture: we believe in openness and honesty, fairness and equality, common sense and realism. We want to get to know the real you and help you explore and grow - whatever it is you're great at. So you will always have lots of learning opportunities (formal and informal) to improve your role-specific skills and expertise.

    Besides our high-profile, challenging projects and our nurturing work environment, we offer excellent employee benefits, including:

    • You will be guided by a team of experienced consultants;

    • You will receive an internship compensation and a laptop;

    • You will gain knowledge and expertise of Accenture;

    • You will gain experience within a large international consulting firm;

    • You will expand your professional network.


    Are you ready to join Accenture for a career where you can be yourself and do what you love? Apply now and change the world around you.

    In your cover letter, please let us know which project(s) appeal the most to you or if you’d like to pitch your own idea. Additionally, let us know for which disciplines you have passion so we can help schedule an interview with like-minded discussion partner.

    Questions? Connect with Severine de Zwaan via

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