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    Full-time Position
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    Tourism, Recreation & Event Management
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      July 11,2022
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    Kitchen staff

    The applicant is expected to handle a specific job in the kitchen during a day, either preparation of pork spare ribs, or the fry or the grill area. The hours during the week can be flexible and be agreed upon beforehand. The applicant can also take initiative to learn the rest of the kitchen if they wish to work for a longer period or in the overall kitchen, with extra pay, hours and a monthly contract. Applicants with a valid Dutch Driving Licence can take on more responsibilities if they wish, such as delivery and loading and unloading of merchandise. The applicant is offered a free meal a day from a selection within our menu.

    Soort dienstverband: Voltijds, Deeltijds, Vaste baan, Tijdelijk, Interim, Seizoenswerk
    Contractduur 4 weken
    Parttime uren: 40 per week

    Salaris: €445,00 per week

    Aanvullende vergoedingen:

    • Overuren uitbetaald


    • Lunchkorting
    • Personeelskorting

    Flexibele taalvereiste:

    • Nederlands niet vereist


    • Avondwerk
    • Nachtdienst
    • Ploegendienst
    • Weekendbeschikbaarheid
    • Werken op feestdagen

    Maatregelen tegen het coronavirus:
    We do not have sit-in only deliveries and take-away so customers rarely come into the store.

    Beschikbaarheid voor diensten:

    • Avonddienst (Gewenst)
    • Nachtdienst (Gewenst)
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