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    Internship Storage Strategy

    Qirion Energy Consulitng is looking for an intern for the following assignment (duration: 2-5 months).


    A sustainable energy system based on solar and wind energy cannot do without storage to ensure a stable energy supply. Some storage needs to be short term to flatten out daily peaks in demand and production. Some storage needs to be long term to cover seasonal energy demand. Some storage needs to be on national level (e.g. current seasonal gas buffers) and some storage needs to be on local level (e.g. home batteries). Several technologies can buffer energy: batteries, heat storage tanks, hydrogen and green molecules. All can have their individual function. However, an integrated storage strategy is still missing.

    Aim of the research

    The aim of the assignment is to gain insights to base an integrated storage strategy on.

    Research question

    The main research question is:

    What insights are needed to develop an integrated storage strategy for the Dutch energy system?

    You will pose relevant questions and explore some of these questions.

    Example questions are:

    • How is the relation between seasonal storage and short term storage? If there is seasonal storage, what function does short term fulfill?
    • If we electrify the heating demand with heat pumps, seasonal storage is likely to come from hydrogen. How much hydrogen is needed in this scenario?
    • How is the relation between local storage to prevent demand peaks in the local electricity grid and large scale storage to prevent production peaks from renewables?

    Who are we looking for?

    You are a student with a technical background with interest in energy and sustainability. You are able to place the results of your analyses into a broader perspective. You are open to new ideas and you are able to think outside the box. You can deal with lots of inconsistent information.

    Besides you are:

    • enthusiastic
    • analytical
    • creative
    • self-starting

    Where will you be working?

    You will be working at Qirion Energy Consulting.

    Qirion Energy Consulting is an expert in energy systems. a consultancy and research department within Alliander. For our internal and external clients, we research, test, develop, engineer and realize innovative energy systems. Most of our consultants are technically trained.

    We both focus on designing and researching sustainable integral energy solutions for municipalities and other clients. Each with its own expertise and skills. We define sustainability much broader that just the CO2 emissions. It also deals with sustainable land use, material use and use of labor.

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