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    Internship assignment: TheControl PCM 2.0 automated integration testing

    Saietta Group recently acquired 100% of e-Traction. Because of the expected rapid growth of our organization we are recruiting for new talents to join our team

    Internship Assignment

    TheControl PCM 2.0 automated integration testing

    About Saietta
    Saietta Europe B.V. located in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) offers superior technology in e-mobility and related services that is based on solid expertise and experience. Since 1981 the key focus has been to commercialize and integrate innovative and state of the art e-mobility solutions.

    We are part of the Saietta Group, an established engineering company based in Oxfordshire (England), specialized in propulsion motors for a broad range of electric vehicles (EVs) and that has engineered break-through, patent-protected, axial-flux motor technology.

    We developed a unique electric in-wheel powertrain technology which offers the essence of pure direct drive power. With our sustainable technology only a bare minimum of components is required to reach the highest efficiency level. The simplicity of our drivetrain is the ultimate sophistication.

    In addition to the inverter, which is located inside the in-wheel motor, Saietta’s electronic control technology series consist of a sophisticated powertrain control module (PCM).

    Assignment description
    This assignment focuses on the automation of the integration testing of the PCM software. The ECU is extensively tested before it is used on the road. This assignment will contribute to the improvement of the current software release procedure by decreasing the execution time and removing human error. As more functionality is added or updated, tests should be updated or added to increase the test coverage.

    After software is unit tested, the software is flashed to the target hardware (ECU) and its functionality is tested with an extensive integration test plan.

    The assignee is expected to follow the processes defined by Saietta. An out-of-the-box thinking as well as a pro-active approach to problem solving is encouraged.

    The assignment consists of:

    • Getting experience with Python, PLC and the control of an electric driveline
    • Reading and understanding of the software requirements and integration test plan
    • Writing test cases based on the software requirements and integration test plan
    • Improving of the test environment and the documentation
    • Proposal on how to determine the test coverage


    • Bachelor Automotive/Electrical/Embedded engineering or computer science background
    • Python
    • PLC
    • Microsoft Office

    For more information regarding this assignment, contact Mihnea Rusen (Software Engineer), T. +31 (0)55 521 11 11 M.

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