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      December 22,2021
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    HR Manager

    Reporting to: HR Director

    Purpose: Develop people and teams, identify potential, and ensure the long-term sustainability of the company by counting on the most suitable profiles. Responsible for the operational management and employee relations in the stores of their area, and ensures targets are met by monitoring HR indicators. Is a brand ambassador and guarantees an excellent experience throughout the entire employee journey.

    Your responsibilities in this role are:

    Guarantees targets in their area are hit by monitoring financial and operational results in three areas: people and culture, operational management, and employee relations



    • Talent Attraction: Uses the different talent attraction channels effectively: Keeps a professional relationship with the candidates and represents the brand appropriately in all communications. Analyzes the various indicators (success and traffic) and makes decisions based on that information.
    • Recruitment: Ensures proper vacancy coverage in their area and builds a talent pool that lets them guarantee succession plans for key positions. Collaborates and maintains ongoing communication with the local recruitment department so the profiles selected are suitable and meet the brand’s standards.
    • Talent Management (with the Area Manager): Identifies potential and evolving profiles in store. Trains and develops the team of store managers and attends the managers’ Talks. Designs and monitors personalized development plans to ensure a correct coverage of the positions of responsibility in the stores of their area. Detects training needs and relays them to the country heads.
    • Exit Interview: Knows, uses, and analyzes the Exit Interviews. Makes decisions and take initiatives based on these results.


    • Transmits the culture and values of the company and encourages the team to adopt them as part of their daily routine. Respects the opinion of others and promotes the brand's principles of diversity and inclusion.
    • Employer Branding and Internal Communications: Guarantees both the brand’s image and identity in all processes, communications, and interactions throughout the day. Respects the brand’s image criteria in their presentations in aspects like font, styles, colors, etc.
    • Employee Experience: Work to ensure an excellent employee experience throughout all stages (recruitment, onboarding, development, and exit).


    Has a strategic mentality that brings value to the business by maximizing the profitability of their stores through HR operations and actions


    • Prepares the financial hours budget based on the sales and continually monitors the results, setting monthly work objectives and adjusting them if needed to hit the productivity target.
    • Knows, uses, and analyzes the Management Dashboard, as well as all other reports related to HR indicators. Uses HR data mining tools properly (PowerBI, Semáforo, etc.).
    • Knows and analyzes the different items and lines that form the Personnel Expense. Makes decisions based on the analysis and the knowledge of the labor framework that allow them to meet the set target.


    • Collaborates with the area manager in the decision-making process regarding store structure resizing and ensures a correct distribution of budgeted hours for the store based on the areas, tasks, and weekly sales programming.
    • It is responsible for the correct adaptation of the store hours, complying with the local legal regulations of application and serving the needs of the business.
    • Cost optimization: Analyzes and manages the entrance/exit schedules, opening hours, distribution of part time and full time in store, and monitoring of potential subsidies for special hires


    • Compensation and Benefits: Ensures the proper implementation of the wage policy defined by the company in the stores of their area.
    • Answers questions employees have about salaries and pay slips and makes sure they understand the salary scheme: fixed and variable (commission calculation).
    • Completes out the H&S checklist on the TGT and analyzes potential health and safety risks during visits (virtual or in-person) to the stores under their supervision.
    • Fosters staff wellbeing and guarantees the implementation of best safe work practices and the compliance of all Health and Safety regulations.
    • Promotes a professional image and makes sure the uniform policy is applied correctly in their region.
    • Applies and monitors disciplinary processes and actions within the scope of the store

    Skills and attitudes:

    • Service-oriented and passionate about people.
    • Can make decisions quickly and proactively, following a logical thought process.
    • Plans their day and knows how to work independently.
    • Makes strategic plans from a global perspective assure the long-term sustainability of the business.
    • Combines their communication skills and critical thinking with their management and team development skills to achieve the best results while adapting to new challenges in an ever-changing environment.
    • Inspires and motivates the people around them, promotes talent development and can make a real, positive impact on others.

    This job description is designed to help you to understand your role better and to improve the effectiveness of our recruitment process. It is not an exhaustive list of all the things that you may be required to do and maybe required to take on additional tasks.

    Inditex is an equal opportunities employer. All applicants will be treated fairly and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age

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