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      July 27,2022
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    HEX Warehouse Manager

    Position Title: Warehouse manager

    Job Title: Warehouse manager

    Job Family:

    Logistics and Operations Officer

    Team and department:

    HEX Overhead



    Job Grade:

    Indicated 6

    1. Scope of the job

    Job purpose:

    Responsible for the entire central warehouse operation within the Heineken Experience. This mainly concerns processing of several daily orders and maintaining a warehouse with just over 200 m2 of storage space and up to 50.000 items.

    As such you will manage all in-and outgoing orders, IT stock system, stock control and the inventory for all departments within the Heineken Experience to ensure a cost-efficient operation and balanced stock value.

    Key responsibilities:

    Logistics and process improvement:

    • Set up a solid logistical framework and process all in- and outgoing orders.
    • Optimise the on-site supply chain deliveries and safeguard related processes through comprehensive stakeholder management.
    • Actively participate in implementation of the newly developed centralised warehouse and continuously drive process improvement & digitalisation.
    • Take general knowledge of global in- and export regulations, while also taking note of global supply chain developments.
    • Operationally manage and coordinate others in warehouse related activities (e.g. coordinate restocking, moving items, preparing packages).

    Stock control & inventory

    • Keep stock and inventory up to date through regular stock counts and comply with financial reporting on stock value.
    • Maintain a balanced stock value through cooperation with all HEX departments.

    IT systems

    • Contribute to implementation of 1) RFID stock registration system and 2) Food & Beverage purchasing & ordering system. In addition, ensure its maintenance.


    • Comply with business safety regulations, in active cooperation with HEX Safety Manager.


    No direct budget responsibilities

    Number of direct reports:

    No direct reports, but should be able to operationally manage and coordinate others in warehouse related activities.

    2. HEINEKEN Behaviours


    We bring people together to create lasting memories. Three main areas are important:

    • Fix the basics
    • Invest in our people
    • Exceed expectations


    Play to win & Celebrate success | Deliver the goods are about our drive, passion and determination to go the extra mile and win. This is our strength, and we want to leverage it. It deeply connects to our value of Enjoyment of Life: we are proud to deliver our best every day for this company. We cheer, have fun and celebrate success. They are also about taking individual accountability and ownership of results. What we can still get better at is discipline and excellence in execution. This is needed for us to increase our speed and agility to keep winning.

    Think consumers first | Make courageous moves are about understanding and leveraging key insights, centring all our efforts around the evolving needs of our consumers and customers. We are creative and innovative, anticipating trends and moving with speed to make them real. They are also about being more courageous to explore and pioneer as true entrepreneurs. And about becoming better at taking risks and being curious for opportunities to win in the market.

    Champion a culture of belonging | Learn, share & reapply are about building a culture that is safe, caring and inclusive for everyone. Whilst leaders play a crucial role, each and every one of us contribute to this. Authenticity and vulnerability are essential in achieving this, and here we acknowledge we still have room to grow. They are also about our networking power, internally as well as externally. For our company to grow cost-consciously and through excellent execution, we need to stop reinventing the wheel and start reapplying what has been proven successful elsewhere.

    Have real conversations | Embrace learning & growth are about seeking for, listening to and giving feedback to grow. Constructively speaking our mind whilst listening to different point of views becomes increasingly important. They are also about continuous learning in the face of constant change. It is critical that all of us become more deliberate about learning by actively and intentionally embracing learning every day and seek challenges that take us out of our comfort zone.

    3. Business context

    Reports to :

    HEX Finance Manager

    Structure or context:

    (organisational chart)

    The Heineken Experience is the home of Heineken, located in the old brewery in the city centre of Amsterdam. As one of the main attractions of the city it welcomes over a million visitors per year. Part of this are the Heineken Merchandise Store and Heineken Events, both of which require extensive and detailed logistical stock management.

    With nearly half a million items in stock, both externally and internally, the Heineken Merchandise Store is the main logistical challenge. The Store has to be restocked continuously and all incoming and outgoing orders have to be processed with a newly introduced RFID stock management system. Other departments, like our Events departments, operate in a highly dynamic field for which all sorts of items (e.g. glasses, bar materials, food, special items) need to be supplied. As such the warehouse plays a central part in multiple business operations of the Heineken Experience.

    Key contacts and contact purpose:


    All Heineken Experience departments, HEINEKEN Head Office, HEINEKEN Netherlands, Global Heineken OPCO’s


    Current and potential Suppliers

    Measures of success

    • High satisfaction score of internal stakeholders
    • Cost efficient operation and balanced value of stock
    • Efficient process handling

    3. Position profile


    • MBO

    Experience required:

    • Min. 5 years of experience in warehouse/logistical management
    • Experienced with relevant IT systems
    • Strong employee and stakeholder engagement skills
    • Solution oriented, business process improver
    • Proactive and entrepreneurial mindset
    • Ability to multitask
    • Flexible and ability to manage uncertainty and work under pressure




    Verbally and written


    The HEINEKEN Experience is open 365 days on an annual base. This requires flexible availability.

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