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      August 29,2022
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    Dean University College Roosevelt

    University College Roosevelt is headed by the Executive Board, consisting of the Dean and the Managing Director. The Executive Board is employed by UCR and reports to UCR’s Board of Trustees. The Dean also reports to the Executive Board (CvB) of Utrecht University on academic affairs relating to the LAS program. The Dean is a Full Professor of Utrecht University and chairs UCR’s Executive Board.

    The Dean oversees the quality of the academic program, and is advised by a Board of Studies which is responsible for academic policy and all academic matters on campus. The Board of Studies is also responsible for the quality of teaching and learning, for the quality of teachers, and for academic rules and procedures. The Board of Studies is chaired by the Director of Education. UCR has it’s own Council, Board of Examiners and Program Committee. The academic departments are led by Heads of Department who all reports to the Dean.

    At UCR, there are four departments responsible for student learning. The Academic Core department is responsible for basic skills such as languages, communication, argumentation, and methods and statistics. The three academic departments: Arts and Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences, are responsible for tracks and majors. The three departments are led by a Head of Department who is a member of the Board of Studies and is responsible for departmental communication, for courses given in the department, and for reflections each semester on those courses.

    Tasks and responsibilities

    The Dean:

    • leads the college in joint responsibility with the Managing Director;
    • is responsible for the academic quality of the college and is thereto held accountable to Utrecht University;
    • is held accountable in joint responsibility with the Managing Director, to the Board of Trustees of UCR for both the academic and operational management of the college;
    • formulates and implements University College Roosevelt strategy, and strengthens its national and international impact;
    • is responsible for providing leadership to UCR, its faculty, staff, and students and stimulates the teambuilding process within the college and to the outside world;
    • is a consolidator of this innovative and successful university college;
    • represents UCR externally in political and academic sectors both in and outside the Netherlands;
    • maintains and strengthens the position and impact of UCR within relevant political and administrative networks nationally, and proactively deals with policy developments relevant to UCR;
    • is principal liaison, and discusses all initiatives with UCR’s Board of Studies, Board of Examiners, UCR Council, and Academic Affairs Council;
    • will contribute to continuing innovation in teaching practices, in (regional and international) cooperation, and in the development of focus in teaching and scholarship;
    • in joint responsibility with the managing director will act as the employer of staff and faculty of the foundation UCR; and
    • strengthens UCR’s contribution to the regional development of Zeeland and keeps good relations with local stakeholders: city of Middelburg, Province of Zeeland and the Hogeschool Zeeland.


    The Dean:

    • has an established international academic background, the rank of Full Professor, and a strong passion for teaching;
    • is a strong advocate of Liberal Arts and Sciences education where students and their 'Bildung' (formation) are central, and has experience in teaching in a context of Liberal Arts and Sciences;
    • is used to working in an international environment and has an excellent insight into the world of international education;
    • is able to lead and inspire UCR and its professionals, and is experienced in team building, preferably has experience in managing an international institution;
    • should have extensive experience working at various academic levels and in various capacities;
    • should foster the professional excellence of UCR faculty. The Dean must be able to craft and implement top-down and bottom-up initiatives that strengthen UCR, and advocate both faculty and undergraduate research, with an emphasis on the latter;
    • must have an international outlook as well as a firm footing in the Dutch academic and political landscapes;
    • is fluent in both English and Dutch; Non-Dutch speaking applicants must be willing to gain proficiency in the Dutch language;
    • is an excellent team player with proven strong communication skills, is accessible, and enjoys the challenges of open debate with students, faculty, and staff;
    • understands that UCR is a relatively small college which is socially demanding. The Dean, as pater or mater familias, will be actively involved in many extracurricular activities (workshops, congresses, sports events, theatre, music concerts, etc.), essential to the UCR experience. The Dean preferably lives in Middelburg or its direct vicinity;
    • has strong business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset;
    • has a hands-on mentality, due to the small size of the UCR organization; and
    • is experienced in educational innovation.


    Salary will be based on VSNU salary scales of the Collective Labor Agreement Dutch Universities. Furthermore, UCR offers secondary benefits such as:

    • end of Year Bonus (8.3%);
    • holiday allowance (8%);
    • pension arrangement at ABP;
    • multiple choices model;
    • holiday leave hours of 232 per year based on fulltime employment.

    Over de organisatie

    University College Roosevelt (UCR) is a residential university college in Middelburg, Zeeland. It offers its students an English-taught, three-year Utrecht University undergraduate program in the liberal arts and sciences (LAS), which leads up to diplomas as Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences. UCR educates for academic excellence, personal growth, and global citizenship. Well over 80% of UCR’s graduating students complete their studies in the nominal three years. About half of UCR alumni continue their studies at Dutch universities, about half do so at universities abroad.

    University College Roosevelt is an independent employer of approx. 80 employees. There are three academic departments: Arts and Humanities, Social Science, and Science and Engineering. Administrative staff run our student office, communications and recruitment, human resources and finance, and facilities and ICT.

    The faculty, staff, and students are international. UCR is conveniently located in the historic center of Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland. The college is residential for 600 students, of which over 60% come from outside of the Netherlands. English is the official language on campus. Students, management, faculty, and staff form a close-knit and engaged community.

    The UCR curriculum is dedicated to the Liberal Arts and Sciences. The educational philosophy is based on the idea that students benefit from learning about a variety of disciplines. Students assemble their own curriculum from courses offered by UCR’s academic departments. UCR students participate in Utrecht University’s many exchange programs with top universities around the world.

    The three year program is broad and intensive. Class sizes average 20 students, which promotes intense discussion and debates. The small scale fosters close intellectual relationships amongst students and with instructors both inside and outside the classroom. The UCR tutoring system provides students with additional intellectual and developmental support.

    Aanvullende informatie

    An in-depth position profile containing further information about the position and the procedure is available via Chasse Executive Search: or +31 070 345 11 14.

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