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      July 11,2022
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    Coach Logistics (Spanish speaking)

    Bedrijfsomschrijving is het grootste online warenhuis van Nederland.
    Description of the company
    The developments in (online) retail are moving at lightning speed. That is why we reinvent ourselves time and time again for our customer And that for almost 70 years!We have more than 400,000 different products from more than 2,500 brands in the field of fashion and living. With more than 600,000 visitors to our website and app every day, we serve 2.9 million regular customers.
    Every day we are there for families in the Netherlands. For the almost families and the families who have flown out. For the traditional families and the composite families. In short, we are there for every family, regardless of the phase, composition or origin. With our personal shopping experience, relevant collections, inspiring content and unparalleled service, we help them to get the most out of their lives every day.
    A successful brand is a brand that inspires. And behind this inspiring brand are more than 900 committed colleagues in a transparent organization. Wehkamp therefore has an open corporate culture where there is a lot of room for creativity, development and personal input.
    For operations, our North Star is: 'Doing it first time right'. This is essential for us and our customers. If a customer orders something, they must be able to trust us blindly. And if we get it right the first time, we are also very efficient, so that we can grow very fast in a controlled manner, and profitable. This enables us to continue to invest in our growth. Because we want to continue to offer families a great customer experience as a company in the future.
    What we believe in: shop, source and deliver anywhere. The customer has the best service experience, we make it possible and scalable.

    Job description

    General information;
    Wehkamp is looking for a coordinator/teamlead generally for our working immigrants from Spain and Portugal.
    In total there are about 130, whereof the most of them are working in the department Returns.Wehkamp is working with immigrants for more than half a year from Spain and Portugal and the group is still getting bigger.
    Wehkamp notices the language barrier makes it difficult to go into conversations.

    Activities;You work together with the teamlead in the process, you are not just cooperative, but the teamlead will remain the lead.Together with the teamlead or Timing you will have conversations with the employees. These conversations are about productivity staying behind, attitude that is not wanted but also the positive conversations that they are doing good!From your own initiative you can also make small talk and walk around on the working floor. From the perspective to strive to the highest satisfaction and productivity of the employees.
    The goal is to have everybody happy and understanding what is going on inside the group of immigrant workers.Because the Returns department has the biggest population of immigrant workers, this will mainly be the department where you will reside. Mostly in the evening shift but also a day or ‘between’-shift is possible.
    You will work in our Logistics Service Centre Zwolle (LSCZ). This warehouse, which was inaugurated in July 2015, is the largest automated distribution centre for online retail in the world. The building stands on a location of 11 hectares on the Hessenpoort industrial estate in Zwolle. The innovative OSR Shuttle system collects items from 480,000 pick locations with 468 automated shuttles. In total, there are 2.5 kilometers of scaffolding for hanging goods and there are 8,000 pallet locations. With this system, more than 12,000 items per hour can be picked.

    The activities consist of:
    • Managing the logistics staff LSCZ
    • Application of personnel policy
    • Onboarding and coaching of new employees
    • Participation in work consultations and working groups

    As a Team Leader, we also explicitly ask you to participate in our emergency response organization. As a Team Leader you know your way around and you are also able to make the right decisions in the event of an incident. As emergency officer you consists mainly of providing first-necessary assistance and protection to persons in the event of accidents and calamities. And preventing or limiting damage as a result of fire or other causes to the building, installation or environment. Of course we ensure that you are perfectly trained to be able to perform this role.

    Job requirements

    You have in-depth knowledge of logistics processes and you have extensive experience in managing people and processes

    • You have an MBO4 working and thinking level
    • Mastery of LEAN methodologies and working methods is an advantage
    • You have good communication skills
    • You can switch quickly and are able to work independently but also in a team and to organize your time efficiently
    • You can handle time pressure well and you are flexible
    • You understand that you also have to work on Sundays and in rotating shifts
    • You can communicate in English and Spanish

    The starting salary from 2722,- gross per month (40 hours).
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