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      January 24,2022
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    Billing Assistant

    Company description:




    Serving a large domestic Internet logistics company. Founded in 2013, the company is a customer value-driven global industrial Internet company. The company is deeply rooted in the logistics industry, deeply integrating the operations, scenarios, facilities and Internet technologies of the logistics industry, insisting on digital intelligence innovation, incremental development, inclusive services and open win-win. We are committed to building a leading global logistics network.


    Job responsibilities:

    1. 在结算部门负责计费及月度结账工作;
    2. 负责应付、应收未清帐款及按月对账;
    3. 及时处理商家/物流服务商有关物流账单的争议;
    4. 主管安排的跨团队工作或其他支持工作;
    5. 负责菜鸟项目。


    1. Responsible for billing and monthly closing in the billing department;
    2. Work at billing department on outstanding account payable/receivable and bill reconciliation by month;
    3. Handle disputes of logistics bills with merchants/logistics service providers in timely manner;
    4. Other cross-team support duties or other additional support duties as assigned by the supervisor;
    5. Responsible for Cainiao Project.


    Job requirements:

    1. 优秀应届毕业生,专业不限,Bi和数据分析相关专业优先;一年以上财务或物流结算工作经验优先。
    2. 熟练使用Excel等Office办公软件;
    3. 品格:诚实,坚韧,勤奋,有很强的团队精神和自我驱动能力,能够在紧迫的期限内完成任务;
    4. 思维清晰,有较强的执行力和沟通能力;
    5. 中文普通话者优先,精通英语/西班牙/法语者优先。


    1. Excellent fresh graduate, major is not limited, Bi and data analysis related majors are preferred; more than one year of financial or logistics settlement work experience is preferred.
    2. Proficient in using Excel and other Office software;
    3. Character: honest, tough, hardworking, strong team spirit and self-driven, able to meet tight deadlines;
    4. Clear thinking, strong execution and communication skills;
    5. Mandarin Chinese is preferred; proficiency in English/Spanish/French is preferred.


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