Most Popular Jobs in the Netherlands of 2018

Date:2020-12-07 21:44

Still, complaining about job hunting? The most popular jobs in the Netherlands of 2018 are here, take a look and make an arrangement | HT Database

Hi everyone, wish you are having a nice Thursday.

Today, we have our techie here, who is in charge of the database.


I heard that the autumn vacation is over in the Netherlands, for those who are struggling in the path of job hunting, have you put yourself together and grab the final chance of the autumn hiring session?


In order to get the dream offer, you need to do the homework before putting your foot in the water.

Target Job Hunting (in terms of industry and position)


For example,

If you have an idea about which jobs are most popular in the Netherlands, you would have more confidence in choosing the right hunting direction.


Since we are speaking about this, Azhai is mining in our precious database Most Popular Jobs Ranking of 2018 Dutch Market.

To help everyone find a job based on the strength, the Total number of jobs in the Dutch Market and growth prediction


To start with, let's take a review of the total number of jobs in the Dutch market in recent two years. Although 2018 is not over and the final official data need more time to count, Azhai find out the total number of position of last year and can predict the Dutch employment situation easily with help from experts’ prediction.


Come, let’s take a look at this picture. 

Azhai comments on data:

The data indicated the total number of employees in the Netherlands in 2018 and the employment forecast of 2018 and 2019:

In 2017, there were almost 10.2 million jobs in the Netherlands. In the coming two years, this number will keep climbing up. According to the prediction, the total number of employees will reach 10.5 million in 2019. 

Based on this set of data, it’s valid to say the employment environment in the Netherlands is optimistic. 

Do you think the incensement comes out of the blue?

Definitely not!

The reason behind this is that the vacancy number in the Netherlands reached the highest in history. 

2018 Netherlands’ record high level of job vacancy 

Azhai has an analysis session with your genius, to focus on the job vacancy situation in the Dutch job hunting market.  As the vacancy is critical to job hunting, let’s do a quick review: 

Azhai comments on data:

Till the end of June this year, there were 2510000 job vacancies in total. There was a decrease of 14000 in unemployment and an increase of 52000 in employment.  Generally speaking, the employment opportunity for everyone witnessed significant growth. 

Azhai also hear, that there was an increase in vacancy in almost all industries in the Netherlands! Construction, IT, technology, education, etc. are suffering from serious manpower shortages. Let’s take the trading industry as an example, it has the largest number of vacancies, which account for 1/5 of the shortage with almost 50000 jobs that need to be fill. Constriction industry, for instance, around 39% of companies had a complaint that there was an urgent need for employees. 

Since there are sufficient jobs in the Netherlands, and the vacancy number keeps increase, it should be a fun time for those who are looking forward to working in this country, right?


Let’s hold the horse,

And also take a look at the most popular one within all these vacancies. 

The most popular job in the Dutch market in 2018


Azhai has categorized the most popular jobs in various industries and the number of open vacancies in the passing year. 

Azhai comments on dada:


Top 1: Account Manager - 33,000

Top 2: Business employees - 18,000

Top 3: Recruiters - 13,500


Top 1: Operator - 45,000

Top 2: Work Planner - 43,500

Top 3: Service Technician - 25,500

Building - Bouw

Top 1: Carpenter - 19,500

Top 2: Electrical Technician - 16,500

Top 3: Installation Engineer - 9,000

Transportation & Logistics - Transport & Logistics

Top 1: Logistics staff - 21,000

Top 2: Truck Driver - 13,500

Top 3: Forklift driver - 11,400

Information Technology-IT

Top 1: PHP Developer - 16,500

Top 2: Software Tester - 8,400

Top 3: ICT Project Manager - 5,400


Top 1: Dutch teacher - 3,600

Top 2: English teacher - 3,000

Top 3: Mathematics Teacher - 2,700

Financial economy-Financial

Top 1: Assistant Accountant - 16,500

Top 2: Business Director - 7,500

Top 3: Tax Advisor - 6,000

Health - Care & Well-being

Top 1: Nurse - 36,000

Top 2: Nursing - 29,400

Top 3: Dentist - 6,000

Within all these popular jobs,

Are you good at one of them?


With all these data analyses, if you are still not clear about your job hunting direction,

Why not come and talk to HoiTalent’s well-proven tutors?

To get a clear and efficient job hunting guidebook!


I heard that HoiTalent’s Job Service is upgrading,

I am confident that the success rate of jobbing hunting will reach the sky! 

This is the end of today’s data sharing, 

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