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Meet one of our coaches in your target function(s)/industry(s) to solve your particular questions and get insight of your target function(s)/industry(s)

 199 - 499 / hour

€ 199 / hour
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Tailor your career in Dutch job market

An expert from your desired function(s)/industry(s)

The best way to get insights and tricks

Precise localization of your career

Solve your particular questions

Get refunded when upgrading to Premium/Internship packages (with the same Coach)

Who is suitable for Career Consultation ?
If the questions cannot be answered through Career Consultation, an expert in certain function/industry shall be needed

People who want to develop their professional career in a specific function/industry

People who want to know the daily works for a specific position

People who want to know the salary/bonus/welfare for a specific function/industry

People who want job-hopping or cross-functional job-seeking
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Service Process
Get yourself well prepared before you enter the job market
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When received the order, we will send you a follow-up email, in which you can reply with your CV and specific questions

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We will send your CV and questions to the expert, seeing if the expert is able to carry out the service.


When the expert confirmed, HoiTalent will send you a kick-off email, attached with expert’s contact information. You can discuss a time slot with the expert for conducting the service.

Frequently Asked Questions
Due to the confidential issue, we can only provide you the professional profile of the expert, including his/her functions, education backgrounds, working experiences, and expertise. The personal information of the expert can only be shared after you received the kick-off email from HoiTalent.
Recommended questions:

•Questions related with personal career development in a specific function/industry
•Questions related with daily works for a specific position
•Questions related with salary/bonus/welfare for a specific function/industry
•Questions related with job-hopping or cross-functional job-seeking

To maximize efficiency, we highly recommend you to send us your CV and questions list at least 3 days in advance.