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Suitable for the candidates who have a clear job search goal, meet the requirements of the internal referral opportunities provided by HT, have complete all application documents ready, and hope to accelerate their job search through the internal referral opportunities provided by HT
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Subscription of half-year internal referral newsletter, providing exclusive or non-open application positions and updating weekly.


Unlimited application opportunities within the service period.


Within the service period, client is entitled to have 2 times internal referral opportunities. Only receiving the interview invitation will be counted as 1 successful internal referral.


Free mock interview will be conducted each time you received interview invitation via the service.


When the client has received the invitation to the first interview (whether you decide to accept the invitation or not), we would count it as 1 successful internal referral. 


After receiving the offer of the applied position, we will provide a thorough offer/contract assessment for free. (optional)

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Internal Referral Package
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