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    PANEU Logistics GmbH

    PANEU Logistics GmbH, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, is specialized in logistics operations since its launch in early 2021. As leading experts in freight forwarding between Asia and Europe, we provide our customers with comprehensive logistics solutions including all means of transportation.


    Our recent expansion in the Netherlands, accompanied by our acquisition of a 3000 square meter warehouse, enables us to continue working on our vision to provide every customer with the fastest and most reliable transport solutions possible.


    PANEU Logistics GmbH 总部位于德国杜塞尔多夫,自2021 年初成立以来一直专注于物流运营。作为亚欧之间货物运输的领先专家,我们为客户提供多程联运及仓储等综合物流解决方案。公司业务发展迅速,近期在荷兰收购了一个 3000 平方米的仓库,使我们能够继续努力实现我们的愿景,尽可能为每一位客户提供最快和最可靠的运输解决方案。


    公司提供良好的办公环境,轻松融洽的工作氛围,节假日员工福利, 不定期员工关怀。我们是一个年轻、富有活力团队, 诚聘英才,欢迎加入!

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