Career Consultation
Locating yourself accurately in job market
Meet one of our professional consultants who has extensive knowledge and experience in Dutch job market to get precise information for starting and developing your professional career

 29.9 / 30 minutes

€ 19.9 / 30 minutes consultation

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What you can expect ?
Tailor your career in Dutch job market

A 30 minutes 1-on-1 face-to-face/phone call session

Preliminary assessment of your CV/CL

A career orientation based on your background and experience

Positioning you in Dutch job market

Advices on your job-seeking plan

Comprehensively answer your career-related questions

Get refunded when upgrading to Premium/Internship packages

Who is suitable for Career Consultation ?
Get well prepared before you enter the job market

Students who are not clear about their career direction

Undergraduates who want to find an internship or full-time job in the Netherlands

Graduates who do not have working experiences in the Netherlands

Job Seekers who have few working experience and intend to further strategize their career path in the Netherlands

Expats who have certain working experience and want job-hopping or change working industry

Cross-border job seekers who want to enter the Dutch market
Industries we are good at
Boost your career with professional guidence
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can. To help you the most, we highly recommend you to come to our head office for a face to face consultation. Our head office is located in Laan van Oversteen 6, 2289CX Rijswijk.
Our career consultation is really focused on giving you the best advice to find your dream job. So, questions related to immigration,  university/major selection, housing, and self-employment will not be answered. To obtain the most accurate information for questions above, we advise you to choose our “meet the expert” consultation. We will arrange an expert from related filed to help you.
To maximize efficiency, we highly recommend you to send us your CV and questions list at least one day in advance.