About Engineering in the Netherlands

Date:2020-12-07 21:55

Hi buddies, happy Thursday.


It’s the new season at school,

It’s also the beginning of infinite exploration in the academy for the newcomers, who just landed in the Netherlands.


Having a good study, and having a good career!

You have to understand the working place, just like you understand academic books.


Azhai put a lot of effort into preparing the career deployment path in various industries.

Azhai will guide you through the employment situation in all industries in the Netherlands.

Today, let’s start with what Azhai is best at, engineering! 

Engineering in the Netherlands


The engineering related work is very popular in the Netherlands.


Big thanks to the super-powerful and rich Royal Dutch Shell, and the geographic advantage of Netherlands with easy access to the North Sea oil and gas and two largest semiconductor manufacturers are both based in The Netherlands, it’s a well-known paradise for engineering graduates to find a job here.


Especially for those with a major in oil and gas, maritime shipbuilding, electrical and mechanical engineering. 

Let’s cut the nonsense and talk with data.


About Engineering in the Netherlands,

do you have this data in your mind? 

There is an average of 2500 engineering industry employee who comes to work in the Netherlands every year.


The engineering expats accounts for 2% of the total Dutch employment market, among them, 59% come from EU countries, and 12% come from Africa and Asia.

 28% of Dutch engineering employee is younger than 35 years old.

 There are around 10000-15000 engineering graduates every year from Dutch universities. 

The most attractive Dutch engineering company 

First of all

Azhai has to applause the most popular engineering companies in the Netherlands. 

Let’s take a look at which companies are on the list. 

According to the ranking list, the top 10 most attractive employers include big brand names,

Like Philips, KLM, Shell, etc.

It’s safe to conclude that finding an engineering job in the Netherlands,

The opportunity is very optimistic! 

The most popular engineering-related jobs in the Netherlands

So, what kind of categories do engineering work covers? 

Let’s take a look at this

So, within these categories, which ones are most popular? 

Look at this

1.Mechanical Engineer

2. Project Engineer

3. Electrical Engineer

4. Process Engineer

5. Chemical Engineer

In general, 

If we dive deep into the popular engineering works, engineers and technicians are the hottest positions.

Dutch engineering labor market in a nutshell

Azhai comments on data:

As you can see from the data above, the highest average income in engineering jobs is Civil Engineers, the annual income can reach €44,296. On the other hand, Electronic Service Technicians and Industrial Instruments Technicians and Mechanics have relevantly low income.


If we break down the 390000 engineering-related jobs, the number of chemical engineering technicians accounts for the smallest with only 996. There is also a shortage in mining and metallurgical, the engineering number is 2329. If we look at the age, the average age of the engineer in the different industry varies a lot, from 33 to 62. Chemical physics science has the youngest people with an average age of 33 years old. 

Azhai comments on data:

The average annual income for engineering work in Northlands(full-time) varies from 38K to 70K, depending on the professional aspect. The average annual income of engineering and technician is around 36800 to 44000. Azhai feels deeply that he is lowering the industry average again.


In terms of salary growth in different categories, with growing experience, Electronics Engineer and Electrical Engineering Technicians witness the smallest growth. After 5 years of working and reaching 30-year-old, normally there is a 23k euro increase in this region. 

After the data review, Azhai would like to remind everyone,

In order to choose a suitable job,

It’s not enough to just understand the industry and company, average salary, etc.

More importantly, we need to have a targeted position,

Based on your own major and strength,

To tailor an accurate career position. 


Would you like to have more insight into the industry information?

Would you like to target job hunting more accurately?

Would you like to prepare a CV with more proficiency?


There is one event to meet all your job hunting needs. 

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