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One day Walk-in
Grab your CV and talk to our consultants F2F

After almost 2 years, we finally decided to bring the original version of “walk-in hours” back, which we have done before COVID-19. On June 10th, you’re more than welcome to our head office in Rijswijk, bringing your CV and all your questions about career-seeking, job positioning, application documents modifying, or general information about Dutch labor market and Dutch labor law. 


Every participant has 45-60mins to have an all-round conversation with our experienced consultants, who will try their best to help you to solve your problems!


Time: 10/06/2022 Friday 10:30-13:00,14:00-17:30

Location: Laan van Oversteen 6, 2289CX Rijswijk 3rd floor

NOTICE: due to limited time, we only have 20 spots available.

Carefree Tree Hole

In Chinese, we have a phrase called 树洞, which can be translate to Tree Hole, is being used to describe a platform where people can express and tell secrets safely and privately. Here, we’re building a Tree Hole for you.


Anything you want to talk about Dutch labor market, or seek any advice regarding job-seeking procedures will be cherished. We will embrace your expressions of feelings and help you to find emotional support from other people.


Now, we’re all ears…

the Netherlands vs the UK - an ultimate comparison

With the most friendly job-seeking visa known as Zoekjaar Visa, NL has always been the top choice for many international expats. However, the UK has brought back the PSW visa (post-study work visa) in 2021, and even announced to have another type of visa for students who graduated from outside the UK - HPI visa (high potential individual visa) starting on May 30th, 2022.


What are the specific requirements of these visa applications? How long will the procedure take? and most importantly, what kind of job do we need to find and in order to continuously stay in the country?


Please welcome to participate in the online workshop at the end of June! Besides our professional consultant, we will invite another experienced career coach in the UK to fill you with first-hand information. 

to all of our traniees and coaches!