2018 Job Market in the Netherlands Statistics on Wage

Date:2020-12-02 21:25

An overall understanding of job market in the Netherlands is the key to achieve a better knowledge in wage of different industries as well as higher wage.

  • In 2018, wage in the Netherlands demonstrated a slight increase.

  • 23% of employees in the Netherlands had an wage increase over 5% last year;

  • 45% of employees in the Netherlands expect an wage increase of at least 3% in 2018

  • 78% of employees in the Netherlands are satisfied with their current wage.

We can see that a growing wage can be optimistically achievable due to the intention of offering competitive payments to attract more top talents.

Net Income Calculation

Speaking of income, it is no secret that it can be categorized as gross income and net income in Dutch job markets. Net income is what is literally earned after a tax deduction of gross income. Here is a chart of Statistics on Payroll Rate in 2018.

1-1- .png

For instance, if your KM gross income is €2314, your net income will be €1900 according to the chart above. In summary, the higher gross income you get the higher income tax you have to pay.

Entry Income of Different Industries in the Netherlands

Refer to chart below,


Monthly gross income in the chart is based on the payment graduates from Dutch high schools and colleges get 1 year after they finish their study. 

The most popular majors like International Business, Accountancy, Business and Economics actually get payment at average level; while Medical Studies majors get better paid in comparison (I feel that I will have money to burn).                                                                                                                                                                                 

Analysis on Income of Different Industries in the Netherlands

What is the real wage condition when it comes to different industries? On a whole, IT Specialists and Data Analysts enjoyed fast-growing payment in 2018. Financial majors of undergraduate and graduate level might also witness a 10% increase in their payments.

Click image below for more detailed information on income of different industries in the Netherlands (categorized based on positions, working years etc.).

☆ Finance & Accounting 


Take Amsterdam NIKE as an example, the payment an experienced Finance Manager gets ranges from €76K-€126K with an extra €19K-€21K company bonus.

☆ Contract IT 



Functional Application Manager at KLM

The basic annual income of Functional Application Manage in KML ranges from €46K-€64K with company bonus around €4K

☆ Contract Supply Chain


1-8 .png

Supply Chain Manager at Shell

As a matter of fact, employees on some certain positions in medium or large-scale companies in the Netherlands are paid much higher than average amount. A Supply Chain Manager at Shell gets paid with amount of €63K-€88K with over €6K-€7K extra company bonus.

☆ Human Resources



HR Manager at Liberty Global

For HR positions, an experienced Liberty HR Manager gets income of €59K-€84K with extra company bonus of €8K

☆ Engineering 

Engineering Majors can get to know industry payment based on income range of several certain positions.




The chart above demonstrates that Director is the best paid position in engineering industry, whose income hits €54K-€161K with competitive welfare. Nevertheless, Mechanical Engineer is paid with comparatively lower average income.

Have you gained a deeper insight of wage level in your major? You should be aware that your job and major selection lies more in your interest, prospect than income. A comprehensive consideration of different factors wins you more chances for a successful career.

A better income can be achieved by gaining more experience gradually in your job

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